Saturday, September 26, 2009

Review: The Princess and the Pauper by Kate Brian

Title: The Princess and the Pauper
Author: Kate Brian
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication Date: April 22, 2008

Summary:Carina, a real European princess, is dying to hook up with the sexy America rock star she met online. Too bad about all those bodyguards watching her every move. Then Carina spots her down-and-out near-twin, Julia. For a fast ten grand, Julia grabs the gown and the crown, and the girls swap identities for a day. Before long Princess Carina is trapped on a skeevy bus full of roadies, and pauper Julia is jetting off to…some small foreign country…
Only a storybook ending can get these two poseurs back where they belong.Review:
I’ve read Kate Brian before and I’ve heard of The Prince and the Pauper but this story was a tale all of its own.
Even though it was a lot like The Prince and the Pauper, it was a good story and a nice twist of changing the gender and of course the time period. The plot was very fast and to me it seemed a bit too fast. I mean I wanted a little more to the story but as the two girls were only changing their identities for one day, it was perfect.
The characters were quite believable but I just didn’t get how Julia could go to such a good school and live in shambles. But then again, this is a book and anything can happen.
I was a little disappointed with Carina. I thought it was a good idea about the concert and the aftermath, but a little more detail or maybe extending those parts would have been a good idea.
I recommend this book to those who want a little change (and twist) from the original story.

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