Friday, October 30, 2009

Review: Swan Town by Michael J. Ortiz

A girl like me, more nimble of mind than finger, what am I to do?
Hide my wit in a half-penny purse, and smile all say long?

Boils and plagues! Thirteen-year-old Susanna Shakespeare longs for something exciting to happen in her quiet, dusty village of Stratford, England. Her father, Will, is off in London, working on new plays. Susanna yearsn to be a part of that world, but girls aren't allowed to preform in the theater, or even attend school. Narrow-minded knaves! Susanna refuses to turn into a good-for-nothing lackwit an begins keeping a journal, hoping something will deliver her from her dull life.

When her uncle gets into trouble with the Master of Revels, Susanna is whisked off to London to help. Suddenly her stage is set for adventure...and romance.

Swan Town offers an unconventional glimpse into the life of the famed Bard's family in Elizabethan England, as seen through the eyes of Shakespeare's spirited daughter.

This is a very good book. The way the story starts off and finishes is juts perfect. Though I think the book flew by a bit I can see what that mus have been necessary. Susanna's voice was true and strong and she indeed sounded like Shakespeare's daughter. Reading this book, I got a look into what England was like in those days. We learn not only about Susanna but about others as well.

I think a lot of you will enjoy this book because Susanna is not that different from the rest of us teenagers. We all want something exciting to happen and we all want romance. So this is a very good book to read if you want to know more about Shakespeare and his family and the Elizabethan Era. Of course, if you just want to read this book for the fun of it, go ahead.

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