Saturday, February 13, 2010

Review: Being Nikki-- Airhead #2 by Meg Cabot

Summary: There's no escape
When everyone is watching you.
Emerson Watts was pretty sure there couldn't be anything worse than being a straight A student whose brain had been transplanted into the body of a teenage supermodel.

But it turned out she was wrong.

Because that supermodel could turn out to have a mother who's mysteriously gone missing, a brother who's shown up on her doorstep demanding answers, ex-boyfriends crawling out of the woodwork who want more than just a photo op, and a British heartthrob who's written a song about her that's topping the charts.

How can Em balance all that with school, lingerie runway shows, and weekend jaunts to St. John—especially when she's got final exams; a sister who is headed to the high school cheerleading championships; a former best friend, Christopher, who's intent on destroying Stark Enterprises to avenge the death of his lost love; and a company she represents that seems to be turning to the dark side...

But then, nobody said it was going to be easy, being Nikki.

Review: Since Airhead wasn’t exactly what I had expected, and a bit of a disappointment, I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like Being Nikki, the sequel to Airhead. But it’s safe enough to say that I was very pleased with this book! Once again Meg weaves a story out of nothing and everything. A very unlikely concept of brains being switched put aside, everything else in the book was very good.

Em is back and better than ever. More witty and independent than I remember her in Airhead. I think Meg Cabot’s writing style shines in this piece of work. She can really bring out the life of a supermodel and put her into a more common life.
This book also goes more in depth with the life of a supermodel and all the things they have to go through. I’m sure some things are different but a lot of things seem just how I’d imagine it.

Of course, Meg’s big style of writing is writing a nicely paced novel and then throwing in a big twist, or surprise, making the book even harder to put down.
One big surprise is when Em finds out that Nikki actually has a family. A family who isn’t as rich or as glamorous as her. We find this out when Nikki’s brother Steven comes to Nikki (Em) telling her that her mother is missing.
Em, being, Em feels upset and guilty for not knowing before but it’s not her fault. How was she supposed to know that Nikki Howard had a family? She didn’t even like Nikki Howard that much.

I was glad to know that Lulu was back and Gabriel (though not as much) and Christopher of course. I did feel bad for Em at a lot of times, especially when she thought that Christopher might be dating some other girl.

I began to hate Frieda a lot in this book, beginning when she asked Em to come persuade her mother to let her go to cheerleading camp. Then Em has to learn that she wasn’t invited to her grandmother’s home. I felt so bad for her and worse about how she acted. She was so Em, not wanting to show exactly how upset she was but breaking down outside. I loved how Christopher put aside his prejudice (?) on Stark and helped her out.

I don’t want to say anymore, or I might just spoil all of the book for everyone. But there were more surprises in store and I learned that either Brandon Stark is a jerk or he’s a jerk. I loved Lulu’s character even more than ever and I felt so bad for Christopher.

Nikki Howard, the real one (long story; read the book to find out more) turned out to be just how I has imagined her.
This book left me in such suspense that I can’t wait for the third book, Runway, to come out!

Grade: Go to fullsize image I loved it!

Cover: A+, What can I say? I loved this cover as well. Though it still has the model on the red carpet, there's something in the models face that tells me she's Em in Nikki's body. I love the dog! She's so cute!

Overall: I loved this book and so will all Meg Cabot fans! Even if you're not a fan, and have read the 1st book but were disappointed, read this book! You won't be disappointed! Take my word for it!

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