Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Review: Once Bitten by Kalayna Price


Summary:For the past five years, Kita Nekai has faded into the background of the human world, but when a rogue shifter begins littering the city of Haven with bodies, Kita's illegal status lands her on the suspect list. During a confrontation with hunters that she can't win, rescue arrives in the form of the mysterious Nathanial Deaton. Kita soon wishes it hadn't when his method of saving her leaves her undead. With only three nights to prove her innocence and a new liquid diet to worry about, Kita doesn't want to deal with her infuriating rescuer or the ghost from her past who is determined to drag her back home. But, she needs help if she's going to stand any chance of survival.

Review: I've actually been in contact with the author because she and I were both doing NaNoWrimo 2009. I went to her website and I found her book. So I read the summary and I loved it! It was so intriguing! So I finally got the chance to read this amazing book and man was I blown away!

Kita is a shape shifter who's, well, in trouble. One, she left her clan and now lives in the human world. Now the hunter's are after her! In a deadly situation, she's saved by Nathaniel, a vampire who turns Kita into his own kind to save her. Then, of course it all has to get worse when she's sentenced to death and her ex-boyfriend shape-shifter comes looking for her, to bring her back home. Then she's accused of creating a rouge shape shifter, who by the way is killing humans. Even worse, she's got two days, yes two days, to locate this rouge before SHE's terminated....I thought this was shocking and well, pretty crazy. But it got better when I realized she wasn't alone: there's a vampire (a very powerful one), her ex, a shape-shifter and a mage who are there to help her.

I loved the action and danger in this book. They were well written and written so that I could actually visualize what was happening in the book, in my head. I've found that a lot of author's can't do that anymore but Ms. Price sure can.

The romance parts of this novel made it an even more enjoyable read! That's another aspect I liked so much about this book: the romance parts. Now-a-days, author's like to put in a lot of romance and very little action, danger, and even humor into their books. Personally, I don't like this. If I wanted to read a book on romance, I would get a romantic novel, not an urban fantasy. ONCE BITTEN had the right amount of everything. There was danger and action and humor and then there was romance. I felt like I got everything I look for in a good book!

I'm also happy to be away from the typical urban fantasy world. Kalayna Price brings about a brand new world, where the meaning of the full moon is different. To not spoil the book even further, I'm just going to say that at least it's not the typical shape-shifter sees-full-moon-and-begins-to-transform.

I'm very happy to say that the second book in the series, TWICE DEAD, is going to be coming out soon and I will be reading it!

Grade: Go to fullsize image I loved it! I might give a lot of books 5 stars, but this one deserved it. Read it and see for yourself.

Cover: A- I love the girl (Kita probably) and the street light and the city in the background...But I wanted more details....

Overall: I had a very hard time putting this book down. It was such a great book and I recommend it to everyone! You'll fall in love with Kita and Nathaniel and all the other characters. After reading this book, you're going to want to read the second one immediately!


  1. This book sounds really good, adding it to my list if books to buy! :)

  2. Wow... this one sounds excellent!!!=)

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