Friday, March 19, 2010

Author Appreciation Week Post 5

It's the last day! I've had such a great time listing and telling people why I loved which author or not. On the last day, though, I began having second thoughts. I only had eight authors that I talked about but there are so many authors out there I love! So, instead, I'm going to write post for all the authors out there that I love:

Ever since I was young, I've loved reading. I'd go to the library and get ten books and go home and sit in my bed and read, read, read. I was able to travel the world in those books from my own bed. I learned about different cultures and people and lifestyles and I had so much fun in the process. I've read YA book, Urban Fantasies, paranormals and so many more types of books that I can't a single genre. And those books were so good, I don't have a favorite book!

In the fourth grade, I wanted to write a book. I tired so hard to write one, but I failed. And I got mad. I said "screw books, screw authors." And that got me thinking. If we didn't have such wonderful authors and their brilliant minds coming up with book ideas, I wouldn't have been able to travel the world or learn about werewolves or vampires. If it weren't for J.K.Rowling, we wouldn't have Harry Potter. Then the world wouldn't realize that YA books are not just for us teens, but for everyone.

Without all the amazing authors in this world, from authors in the UK, or China, or Mexico or Brazil, we wouldn't have books to read . We wouldn't have great stories or something to keep us busy. Heck, we wouldn't be here, typing on a book blog.

Without you all, I wouldn't have to courage I have to write a book and have hope that one day it will be published!

So, this is for all the authors in the world. Thanks for sharing your minds, and creativity and advice and characters and story ideas with us. Without your courage to get out and write a book, I'm not sure how I would pass my time on a rainy day or when I'm down and I need to escape my world.

Thanks to all of you. May you never stop writing, so I can keep reading!

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  1. Here Here!! I cheer to this!=)

    Never stop writing because I will never stop reading!

    I agree.... I have read so many inspiring authors from all genres!=)

    Great Post!

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    BTW, I am dying to read those Maria Synder books! I see your reading them now! Enjoy!