Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Review: The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg

Summary:Ever since a disaster of epic proportions with her boyfriend over the summer, Nate, Penny is determined to never let her heart be broken like that again. To stay true to this unlikely promise she has made to herself, she becomes the only member of her self-formed Lonely Hearts Club, the "rules" of the club being that she will steer clear of boys and dating until she graduates from high school.

Penny is proud of herself for what she's doing, but initially thinks it's something that she's doing on her own. But when other girls hear about the Lonely Hearts Club, they want to join as well! Suddenly, Penny has more members than she can count, and the males at her high school are becoming a little peeved. Nevertheless, Penny is glad about the girl power her club is demonstrating.

However, what happens when Penny starts to fall for a guy at her high school? If she dates him, fellow club members could turn against her, but if she follows the club's rules and rejects him, she'll be breaking both of their hearts... and wasn't the club formed in the first place to keep hearts from being broken?

Review: Elizabeth Eulberg makes her debut with a funny, sweet novel about a girl who's had enough of stupid, scum boy ruining her life. So now, new single Penny Lane Bloom has decided she will not date as long as she is in high school. Why? Because guys are jerks and girls deserve better than them. So what happens when more than a few girl join Penny's The Lonely Hearts Club? What happens when rumors fly, people are hurt, and most of all, you get lost? In the heart warming debut, Eulberg answers all these questions. I think Eulberg has done a good job depicting the anti-feminism aspects that appear today in out society so often but are usually over looked.

Though this book was good, I got a kick out of some of the dialogue. Eulberg tried too hard at places to make the dialogue sound like something teens would say, when in reality, we wouldn't say these things. Some things could have been written better and others could have been taken out, but this is only with very little of the book. The characters, especially, Penny, are funny, smart and sweet. Some are just plain jerks (Nate, this means YOU).

Grade: Go to fullsize image I really liked it. The dialogue. Some of it was just iffy...

Cover: A-, I like this cover a lot. To me, it shows that girls are rebelling against the "all girls should have a bf and if they don't then it's bad" and I like how each girl is wearing something different. It shows that all girls can do something for themselves. Like rebel!

Overall: I'd recommend this book for middle/high schoolers. Anyone looking for a quick, good read, pick this up at the library or buy it at a book store. I think we're going to see some great things from Elizabeth!

*And did I mention that I LOVE THE BEATLES? Oh, yes, I am a HUGE fan of theirs and I love the songs she's chosen for the book! Sadly, though one of the songs that I haven't read is....that's right Penny Lane. But I will listen to it....right now....


  1. This book sounds really cute and I've been wanting to read it for a while. I also love the cover, great review!

  2. WOW, you've done lots of posting today. I really want to read the Lonely Hearts. Glad you liked it =)

  3. Awesome review :) I really want to read that book :-)