Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A New Award

The wonderful Amelia from Imagination in Focus gave me this award and I'm so happy! Thanks Amelia!

The rules for accepting this award:
1.Thank and link to the person that gave you the award.
2.Pass this award on to 15 bloggers you've recently discovered and whom you think are fantastic 3.Contact said Blogs to let them know they've won
4.State 7 Things about yourself!

7 Things About Me:
1. I love chocolate and I can't live without it!
2. I'm a Freshman in High School
3. I love to read and randomly write stories
4. I like to read when I should be doing homework or studying
5. I like to eat spicy food more than sweet food
6. I can speak 2 languages fluently and I'm learning my third
7. I've lived in two countries and two stats of the US

I'd like to give the following blogs this award:

2. Sara @ The Hiding Spot
3. Elenie @ La Femme Readers
4. Jessica @ Book Bound
7. Jami @ YA Addict
9. Natalie @ Mindful Musings
10. Taschima @ Bloody Bookaholic
15. Morgan @ Smitten With Books


  1. Thanks girlie! You're too cute <3 Honestly, I'm not sure on how to link in comments, sowwie!

  2. Mmmm... chocolate. :D Thanks for the award! I also find myself reading when I should be doing other things (like dishes or laundry). Reading is much more fun.

  3. T_T Thank you!!! It's so pretty!!!!!

  4. Same with chocolate here. And it's so cool you are into learning new languages! Thanks so much for my award!!!

  5. Thank you so much for passing this amazing award onto me. And you're working on your third language? Wow! I can hardly get through my second year of Spanish (which I'm defiantly not fluent in). I'm very envious of you.