Thursday, April 08, 2010

I was reading Kelsey's blog when I stumbled upon this post.

So, The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong will not be the last book in the Darkest Powers series! It's going to be the last book in the trilogy but the new book, The Gathering, is the first book in a new trilogy. This trilogy is set in the same world as the Darkest Powers trilogy but it's going to have new characters. I have only read the first book in the Darkest Powers so I'm not too in tuned with the other two book, but I've come to love the characters...especially Derek. This new series (trilogy) is called Darkness Rising.

Here's what Kelley had to say about the two trilogies, on her forum:

Okay, poor Alison is getting flooded with questions about the end of The Reckoning (don't worry, no spoilers here) Responses range from confusion to anger. Why were several minor plot threads left unanswered when this is supposed to be a trilogy?

At first, I scratched my head. Why would every plot thread be wrapped up when this trilogy is just the first of what I hope to be many stories set in this world? Then I realized the problem. The definition of trilogy.

1) a series of three books, connected in some way but with three separate plots

2) one plot/story stretching over three books

The Darkest Powers is #2, the rarer form. That means The Reckoning is the last book in the trilogy, not the last in the series. It only wraps up the major plotline introduced in The Summoning. It is not intended to tie off every minor plot thread and retire the characters.

The next book is The Gathering. Same world. New characters. New Edison Group experiment. The Gathering starts trilogy #2, Darkness Rising. While my plot line shows Chloe and the others being introduced late in that trilogy, that is NOT a guarantee until the whole thing is written.

So what happens beyond that second trilogy? I have no idea. I'm only contracted for 6 books, so that's all I count on. If the publishers want more, though, I'm sure Chloe and the others will return.

I know my decision to veer away from Chloe et al does not please every reader. I know it greatly displeases some readers. But The Gathering is done. There's no turning back.

I've weathered this storm before, when I announced a change of narrators after book 2 in my Otherworld series. The emails flooded in. I was an idiot. I was sabotaging my career. I'd tasted success and now failure loomed on the horizon. Ten books later, I believe it has stopped looming, but you never know

I believe I owe it to my readers to give them my best. Sure, the Chloe books are selling extremely well. Sure, I could coast on that for a while, keep churning out new adventures for her even after readers start saying "it was fun revisiting the characters, but nothing really happened." To me, though, if I know I'm coasting, then I'm not "giving readers what they want"--I'm cheating them out of decent books. Long series with a single narrator work for some writers. Some can keep it fresh and original. I can't and I know it.

So, with The Reckoning, we bid a temporary farewell to Chloe and the gang and move on to explore new corners of their world. I hope readers will stay with me for the journey. I don't guarantee you'll like the new characters as much as you liked the old ones. Some will prefer them. Some will hate them. I'll gain readers. I'll lose readers. But I'll know I'm giving all of them my best effort, and that's what counts.

I think it's an interesting idea and I hope to read this series. I think I'll work on finishing the Darkest Powers first, though.

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