Sunday, May 30, 2010

Selling not released books on eBay:

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Shannon of Shannon Loves Books and Cats (Zombies?) wrote a post today about people who are selling not yet released books on eBay. Not only that, but these people are selling the books for very high prices. 

I think this is very wrong and honestly the first time I heard about this, it was from an author. It was really sad considering an author wrote a book for us readers and someone would go out and sell the book for their own good. Its just wrong.

So here is how to report these eBay sellers:

1. Take a look at the right side bar on the item's page
2. Look under Other Item Info click the link that says report item
3. Choose Copyright and Counterfeit violations on the first menu
4. Next pick bootleg and counterfeit media
5. Next pick copies of unreleased media, etc
6. Click continue and type a sentence describing the issue. I usually write something like: this is a copy of an unreleased novel that is clearly marked Not For Resale

Shannon has decided to make this somewhat like a weekly meme. Here is her post. 

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