Monday, June 14, 2010

Bloggiesta III June 11-13 Review

Well amigos, Bloggiesta is over! I want to thank Natasha for hosting this event! I got so much done! I am very proud of my self for participating and I will do so the next time it comes around. So let's see what I got done in the last 3 days!

Total time spent on Bloggiesta: 24. 5 hours! I had hoped to spend more time on this, my goal being 30 hours, but there's always next time. Plus, I think it's not to shabby considering my internet wasn't good on Day 1!

Here's my original plan:
*Write 9-11 reviews ( I made templates and such)
*Clean up side bars
*Write posts for rainy days
* Organize, update, change Goodreads
*Update blogroll
*Update, organize challenge bars
*Make posts for It's Monday! for next week
*Make posts for Waiting On Wednesday for next week
*Conduct some author interviews
*Update, organize Reviews, Interviews pages As I post reviews, I post them on the reviews page!
*Clean up, organize, make tabs
*Participate in at least 3 mini challenges
*Make page buttons (never got what I was doing wrong!)

Things I got done:
  • Reviewed Time Enough for Drums
  • Reviewed Ransom My Heart 
  • Organized, updated Goodreads
  • Cleaned up tabs
  • Updated my Reviews page as I posted reviews. 
  • Oh, and I also added the Wibiya Search Bar to the bottom of my blog! 
  • "Waiting On" Wednesday Post
  • Wrote a review for Or Give Me Death 
  • Wrote a review for A Stitch in Time 
  • Wrote up "Its Monday! What are you reading?" post
  • Must See Movies Post
  • Dear America: New Books post
  • A few rainy day posts
  • A few more reviews!
  • Asked for an author interview! (this was my goal)
  • Wrote up a lot of review templates!
  • Wrote up and saved author interview templates for the future!
  • Wrote up the review for Little Miss Red, will be posted soon!
Mini-challenges I completed:
Again thanks to Natasha for holding this great event! I hope to participate in my second Bloggiesta (when ever that is!)


  1. Wow. You did amazing! Great job with the challenge. :)

  2. Awesome! You got a lot done! I put in about the same amount of time but had one really long project to work on. It was fun, though!