Friday, June 18, 2010

Review: Geek Charming by Robin Palmer

Summary:Dylan Shoenfield is the princess of L.A.’s posh Castle Heights High. She has the coolest boyfriend, the most popular friends, and a brand-new “it” bag that everyone covets. But when she accidentally tosses her bag into a fountain, this princess comes face-to-face with her own personal frog: selfprofessed film geek Josh Rosen. In return for rescuing Dylan’s bag, Josh convinces Dylan to let him film her for his documentary on high school popularity. Reluctantly, Dylan lets F-list Josh into her A-list world, and is shocked to realize that sometimes nerds can be pretty cool. But when Dylan’s so-called prince charming of a boyfriend dumps her flat, her life—and her social status— comes to a crashing halt. Can Dylan—with Josh’s help—pull the pieces together to create her own happily-ever-after?

Review: I thought after the disastrous Little Miss Red, I would give Robin Palmer one more chance to woo me with her writing. I am sad to say she failed. Again.

Though not as bad as Little Miss Red, this one didn't catch my attention very well, either.There was so much going on in this book! And the writing! She went over the top trying to make Dylan preppy and popular, popular she got, preppy not so much. It all sounded so fake.

The characters were okay, though not very well developed. I wanted to hurt Dylan because she came off as such a snob, full of her self, girl in the beginning, in the middle. Only in the end did she change but on one page, she's a b****, then on the next she's not. I mean what the heck? Wait till the end to change her from a snob to a non-snob. I think a progression would have been much better and more suited for this novel.

Josh wasn't so bad. But, like in Little Miss Red, he had an obsession with movies and directors and such. And again, like in Little Miss Red, in the end, he changed after a big event. Only the big event in this book was that Josh started to date the girl of his dreams. I have to say that at time, I think Robin Palmer wasn't such a terrible writer from a boy's perspective. She was a worse writer from a girl's point of view, which I found immensely...sad.

But this was a book that I actually really wanted to read to the finish. Why? Because I really wanted to know the following 1) How Asher (Dylan's BF) was going to dump her 2) Would Josh fall in love with Dylan and 3) Would Dylan change at all. Ok, so point #1) I was highly dissapointed in the way Asher dumps Dylan. It was so...unexpected and horribly written. I had no idea what was going on in the scene. #2) He did not (thank God!) fall in love with her. He fell in love with her archenemy and I was very happy to say "In your face Dylan!" When she started musing over the fact that Josh was in love with her. #3) She changed but all I could recall from reading that book was that she was a snob in the beginning, and in the end she wasn't. When did she change? How did she change? It's all fuzzy to me. Again, highly disappointing.

Grade: Go to fullsize image It was okay.

Cover:A+, I love the dress, the shoes, and the purse. It was a great cover fitting Dyan perfectly.

Overall: Not a book I can recommend anyone. Again, if you want to read it, go ahead. Try this author for your self. She just didn't work with me.

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