Thursday, June 17, 2010

Miley Cyrus and YA Books

Wasn't it bad enough that Miley had to be in The Last Song movie adaptation of the book? Frst it’s Miley and Wings and now it’s Wake, as recently confirmed by Lisa McMann herself.

Ok, no I am officially not happy. Why does Miley have to be the lead in these two books? What do these people see in her acting that gives them a sense she can be a main character in a YA book based movie? I recently saw her video for "I Can't Be Tamed" and this is what they are calling her "new edginess". Truth be told, she looks more like a Lady Gaga wannabe, who failed miserably, than anything else. But I did watch the video and I laughed the whole time. In other words, I found this video terrible.

That aside, I do not think she can act to save her life. I never really liked Hannah Montana, she ruined The Last Song for me, and now she is trying to play the roles of two leads, based on widely popular books. Who's not popular with these Wake and Wings books lovers: Miley her self!

But there's nothing we can do, Miley is playing Janie not matter what. Unless they have a better cast, I will not be watching this movie. I think Miley should still act and all, but stay out of YA book-to-movie adaptation. personally, I don't think she's fit for a YA book role.

So, what are your thoughts?


  1. Only if the movie get's made in the 1st place!

  2. Ewww I can't stand Miley Cyrus. I'm like a lot older than her, but I think she is a horrible role model. Plus, she's a terrible actress. Uck. I saw a couple episodes of "Hannah Montana" and thought that they were normal-for-Disney cute, but I guess I liked Cody Linley and Emily Osment - I thought they were adorable. Miley, though...ughh her voice is so annoying!
    I'm surprised they cast her in WAKE, especially after she's going to be in WINGS. That seems weird to have an actress be in two book-to-movie adaptations. But then again, this whole "singer-and-actress" thing that Hollywood has going on is really stupid: like, if you're one, you're automatically the other, too.

  3. Oh my goodness! I totally agree with you. She really ruined The Last Song for me. And I couldn't believe it when I first heard the news. Miley playing Janie seems like a terrible idea, I really can't picture it. I mean it would be a little better if she could act :/

  4. Hey!

    First, I totally agree with you, she CANNOT act, she CANNOT sing, she is NOT as cool as she think she is. I'm writing a blog on books and their movies, and I'm making an exception and I'm NOT seeing The Last Song. It's pretty depressing these YA movie adaptations these days don't you think? First there's Vannessa Hudgens, then there's Miley Cyrus.