Saturday, June 19, 2010

Review: The Second Bend In The River by Ann Rinaldi

Summary:Rebecca Galloway is a busy pioneer girl in the Ohio Territory. Over the years, her friendship with Tecumseh, the respected Shawnee chief, grows into love. Rebecca must choose a future on her family homestead, or with the man she loves.

Review: Since I love Ann Rinaldi, I decided to read this book. It wasn't the worst book I've read by her but it certainly wasn't the best.

The book begins with Rebecca seeing Tecumseh and the two becoming friends. As the story progresses, Rebecca grows older and begins to take in the world around her. She begins falling in love with Tecumseh but also takes into consideration all of the events happening. Especially with the Native Americans and the English people.

Rebecca was an interesting character to read about. From the beginning I can tell she is a strong willed girl who knows what she wants in life. The only girl with six brothers, she has grown up to be very un-ladylike and seeing the world a lot differently than her family. But I loved Rebecca; she was a heroine that was worth reading about. There were times when I was proud of her and times when I felt sorry for her. All in all, she was a great MC.

The history behind this book is an even more interesting one. It turns out that Rebecca Galloway and Tecumseh really did exist. They did meet when she was nine and he did ask her to marry him when Rebecca was sixteen and he was about 20 (?) years older than her. Most of the story is based off of real history. Since not much was said about Rebecca's siblings, Rinaldi was able to create a very big, and just as interesting characters as Rebecca and Tecumseh themselves.

I was taken into the lives of the big Galloway family and their ties to their Ohio town. The fights with the Native Americans and the Americans was as true as it got. The Louis and Clark Expedition was also mentioned in this book. After reading this book, I know more about life in the wilderness and the years of the Native Americans fighting for their land (from 1798- 1813).

Grade: Go to fullsize image I liked it.

Cover: D, There should have been more than just Rebecca and Tecumseh in this cover. A lot of this book is about actual history, so I didn't really like it.

Overall: A good book. This is one historical fiction with a lot of history written wonderfully into it!

*I'm sorry, once again for the un-detailed, short review. I couldn't really say much because either 1) the review would have been long and boring or 2) I would have given it all away.

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