Saturday, June 12, 2010

Review: A Stitch in Time (The Quilt Trilogy # 1) by Ann Rinaldi

Summary: Hannah Chelmsford has always been the strong one. The one who kept the family together when her father was away. The one who cared for her brothers and sisters after her mother fies. But now, everything is changing. Her father has become more distant, and her brothers and sisters are all planning lives of their own.

That's when Hannah comes up with the idea for the quilt. A quilt created of fabric from people who have become special to the family; people they trust. And when the sisters are separated, Hannah makes sure they each have a part of the quilt. The quilt she hopes will help bring her family together again.

Review: I'm going to try and make this a short review because I can't really say much without giving everything away!

First and foremost, I've heard a good deal about Ann Rinaldi's writing. She is a historical fiction writer and I love, love, love this genre. So this became the first book I read by her and I loved it. It gave a good insight to what life in 1788 was like. Further more, this story took place in Salem, Massachusetts where the Salem Witch Trails were held. Until this book, I didn't read much about this sea post town and how the war had affected it.

Even more than that, I loved Hannah's character from the beginning. She was a strong willed, courageous girl who went to all odds to keep her family together. As the reader, you have to give Hannah a lot of credit because so much is going on in her life! Not only goes her sister elope, her father, brother and another sister go out west, and soon Hannah's once betrothal comes to Salem with a half-Indian baby.

As the story progressed, Hannah became more and more independent and she grew up into a woman. There were ups and downs, times when she wanted to scream or cry, but she held in. Ann Rinaldi wrote a book that caught my attention and kept it. Maybe it's the history geek in my saying that this was an engaging read.

But one thing in this book that was interesting to me was Abigail's (she's one of Hannah's younger sisters) elopement . Her beau, Nathaniel, was 24 while she, Abigail, was get this, 15. I think I'm still getting used to the fact that back then, such marriages weren't that...weird? But I thought it was interesting how well Rinaldi wrote about Abby and Nate's relationship. Though they weren't mentioned a lot, I could see how two people of such different ages could be together.

Grade: Go to fullsize image .5 I liked it.

Cover: A-, I love the quilt and the different patches but it could have been better.

Overall: If you love historical fiction, this is a book for you. But if you just want a good read, check this out as well!

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