Monday, July 26, 2010

Eclipse: Movie Review

So I finally watched Eclipse, I'm not sure who hasn't yet but if you haven't, then don't read this! 


Ah, Eclipse, my favorite book in the series now a movie. Honestly, I'm not so sure what all the hype was for. After watching this movie, I found myself somewhat dissapointed! I didn't want to be dissapointed! I wanted to love it to no end. Somethings won my heart over, while others were just so boring! 

So, first, I'm going to say what I liked/loved:

1. Jacob-- Over time, Jake has become one of my favorite characters. Not only was the acting very well done, I loved his little quips and sarcastic comments. I especially loved the "I'm hotter than you."' comment in the tent!

2. Jasper's and Rosalie's stories-- In this movie, we learn more about these two and how they became vampires. I loved both of them and how well it was all depicted. Jasper was especially awesome in his story (no matter how sad!)

3. The Meadow Scenes--mostly when they weren't acting like robots. 

4. Quileute Indians’ legend of the Cold ones-- very well depicted, the effects were great!

5. The Jacob/Bella kiss take 1 and afterwards-- It was great! So like how I thought it would be!

6. Riley-- I know this sounds so bad, but I think Xavier Samuel did a great job depicting this boy!

7. The training with the wolves and Cullens'-- I loved it all, especially the Jasper and Alice fight, it was so cute!

8. Jessica's speech-- though very short, I liked that speech a lot. It was very Jessica! 

9. Edward-- Rob did a fantastic job in this movie! He was smiling, angry, worried all at the right places. Plus he smiled! He wasn't depressed!

And now what I didn't like:

1. Vampire Deaths--- They were just so...wrong. Not like anything in the book. When Edward kills Victoria, I thought he could have done that in a second. It was just so easy.

2. The pace of the movie-- It was rushed! At the end of the movie, the first thing I said was "That's it?"

3. Bryce Dallas Howard-- I'm going to say the truth: Bryce was the worst Victoria I think they could have chosen. She was too naive, innocent and just not as vicious and furious as Victoria was supposed to look. Rachelle L., I missed you so much!

4. Rosalie's looks-- She looked terrible, all pale and ghost like and NOT PRETTY. Scary, which is not how she's supposed to be!

5. Emily's look-- She's supposed to be scarred but can anyone tell me where her scars went?

So now, you see that I loved this movie but I was dissapointed too! I think the director did a great job bringing Eclipse to life but I have one MAJOR disappointment:

They changed sooooo much! New Moon actually stuck to the book story line but Eclipse was everywhere! She would be in Forks in one minutes, then in La Push the other minute. So much was left out!

Anyhoo, overall, it was a great movie, better than New Moon in some places, other places not so much, but MUCH, MUCH better than Twilight!

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