Friday, July 30, 2010

Review: Full Moon (The Dark Guardian #2) by Rachel Hawthorne

Summary:Lindsey has always known that Connor was her destined mate, but this summer as her full moon approaches, she finds herself dreaming about darkly handsome and silent Rafe. When the others are captured by their enemies, she and Rafe must work together to save them. As they spend time together, Lindsey will come to realize that some dangers come from within as she is forced to face her true feelings for Connor and Rafe. One is a friend. The other is her true love. But listening to her heart could cost her everything.

Review: After Moonlight, the first book in this series, Full Moon was a bit of a disappointment.

Most girls will go crazy if two cute guys are fighting for her, but throughout this novel you can see Lindsey's struggle with this simple fact. But of course the girl could choose one guy but then go to the other, while Lindsey would be with one guy...forever.

We learn more about the evil scientists (whose name I forgot) and what they want to do with the werewolves.

Lindsey's character was fun to read about. She didn't develop as much as I had liked her to, but with the pace of this novel, it was good enough. Her relationship with both Connor and Rafe and their quips was really nice. I do admit that I feel bad for Connor, but I'm sure Rachel will have someone for him.

But she also got on my nerves. I got the whole disappointing her parents thing, but to me it was obvious who she wanted to be with and I wished she hadn't made up her decision in like the last five pages of this book. That really irritated me, but that's all the bad things I have to say.

Grade:4.png Four Stars image by Adaleelee I really liked it.

Cover: D, The only thing I like is the (moonlight?) glow on the girl's face.

Overall: Full Moon was an enjoyable, light, romantic read.

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