Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Which do you prefer, reading or writing?

A while ago, Eleni of La Femme Readers answered this questions: Which do you prefer, reading or writing? at THIS post. After reading her post I began to think about myself. 

I love reading. Always have, always will. But I am also a writer. I just can't seem to stop reading other peoples stories and coming up with my own. So how to choose? 

I guess I'd have to start as the reader, because that's what I was first. I loved it when my parents or grandparents or other family members read to me. Then I began reading myself. I could easily read a book and get lost in it. I could fly on a dragon, or cast a spell, or kiss a frog and it turns into a prince. I could go all the way across to England or go to Narnia. Or, my personal favorite, right the Hogwarts Express and go to Hogwarts. How these wonderful people came up with these amazing books, only they would know, but I'm glad they did.

Now, the writer in me loves the feeling of control. In my book, the girl could be with the nice guy and not the dangerous one. They begin the way I want and end the way I want. I have complete control over them. I may have control but I honestly am too lazy! I've written about the 1st 5-7 chapters for about 6 books and then given up on them. I just can't sit down on the computer and write. No matter how much I want to, it just beats me.

So I'm going to have to say reading. I just love the world others create, and maybe one day (I hope!) have a book out of my own. Though I might not like the ending, or the book in general, right now, I will always applaud those writes who had enough patience to sit down and write the words floating in their minds. 

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