Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dusk Till Dawn Read-A-Thon Day 1

Ok, I have to say a HUGE THANKS to Jenn for stating that we could post these challange entries during the day! I had two tests today and I need last night to study for them. I get get SOME reading done! 
The challenges from last night:

1st :Jami over at YA Addict asked us to take a photo of us with our first read! I've never shared a pic of my with you all (except on Twitter) so this is kinda weird!

Yeah ignore the mess in the back! And the fact that I look like I could pass out at any moment...that's how I feel! 

2nd: Heather of Book Savvy asked - Tell me what your favorite book of 2010 has been so far, and why.

This is kinda a hard pick but Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. It's still in my head! It was really well written and it's premise was something I had read about, but Lauren was able to write it in such a great, different way. It really stood out to me! AND it was Lauren's debut book!

3rd :Elin of The Norwegian Book Girl - she wants everyone to read and review a book during the readathon that relates to the Victorian era!

I've got a book on my TBR pile for this book! 

Star Shadow has not yet posted her challange!

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