Friday, August 27, 2010

Dusk Till Dawn Read-A-Thon Day 2

Ok so it’s Friday and I have to do last nights challenges:

1st: Lesley from YA Books Reviewed challenged us to tell who is our favorite character in our last or current read, and why? She also challenged us to find a picture!

What I Read: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
My Favorite Character: Sam
Why: I love him! He’s one of my new favorite boys of YA novels! Maggie does a fantastic job writing from his point of view!

I was searching for a good picture for Sam and when I saw this guy, I thought he would be perfect! 

2) Missie from The Unread Reader challenged us to make a cover of Mockingjay! I tried to find something that resembled the white mockinjay on the book cover but this was as close as I got:

I kinda did this one on a wim...but what do you think?

3) Angie from Vampires and Tofu challenged us to tell what our favorite badtime story was as a kid. I was a big Disney lover as a little kid so I’d love to hear the Princess stories, especially Cinderella! I also love Jack and the Bean Stalk a whole lot! 

4) Carina from Reading Through Life challenged us to "describe your ideal comfort food meal to break your hypothetical 15 hour fast one of the nights of this week’s read-a-thon."
Here’s mine:

~ Veggie Pizza:

~ A glass (or can) of Coke:

~A sundae:
This is actually what I wanted for dinner tonight! 

Well, that’s about it! I’ll try to do tonight’s challenges…tonight!

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