Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dusk Till Dawn Read-A-Thon Day 5

So here are the challenges for the last day of the Dusk till Dawn Read-A-Thon

Liz of Cleverly Inked asked us to tell her “what book you would change and what you would change about it”:

The Gemma Doyle Series by Libba Bray for sure! I hated that Karthik turned into a tree...I mean a TREE of all the things? I was very disappointed and I felt so bad for Gemma. I think she really did love Karthik and they should have been together!

Jenn of Book Crazy asked us to think of a world created in a book that they'd give up their life to live in.

This may seem like a fairly easy question to answer but I’ve got a few books I would love to be in: 1. Clockwork Angel and The Gemma Doyle Series—they aren’t in the same years but they are in London in the 1800s and I would love to live through that time! That time was so fancy and all the glamour. But there was a lot of mystery and some danger too! And the romance!

And my second world? Vampire Academy. I just finished Spirit Bound and I LOVED IT! There’s danger and romance and mystery and they’re really great books. Plus it’s an urban fantasy so we’re in this world BUT there are fantasy elements!

Khelsea with Once Upon A Review says, "So for the challenge I want you guys to be creative. I want you to draw your favorite scene from a book, write a poem about your favorite character, remake your favorite book cover entirely or find a song that best describes your favorite book."

Cover Re-Make:


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