Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of School

*Sigh* The first day of school is out of the way. I think the first days are always the worst. All we do it get syllabus and get to know what we're going to do in class etcetera! 

So from what I can tell, this semester is going to be crazy. I've got Advance Composition and Creative Writing, English II honors, Algebra II and French III honors! 

Advance Composition and Creative Writing-- It's going to be a great class. My teacher is great and I get to learn more about writing better, what my style is, etc! 

English II honors-- I also believe this class will be a good one. My teacher is great and my friends said she's good too, and we know that our friends are honest at least! 

Algebra II-- I'm guessing I just have to pay attention and know what I'm doing in this class. My friend said she's a good teacher! 

French III honors--Possibly my hardest class, followed by Math. Why? Because I've got a semester and a summer in between my last French class and this one. Plus it's my third language, talk about confusion! 

Sorry for breaking this down for you guys but my point is, this is all going to take up a lot of my time so a lot of my posts will be either late, or really late! I've got some reviews and author interviews to post up so I'll do that but as soon as I get into school mode, I'll have more reviews for you all!

OOH, and I finally got Hush, Hush, so I'm really excited for that! 

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  1. Ahh Algebra 2! You might as well kill yourself now! j/k but I just took it last year and that was my worst class! I got my first C in that class! I'm more of an English girl myself! :) I'm taking honors too! French 3 sounds hard! I quit language after Italian 2! Io non parlo italiano! :( Have fun with your classes! Hush Hush is really good hope you like it!