Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review: Sea Change by Aimee Friedman

Summary: Sixteen-year-old Miranda Merchant is great at science...and not so great with boys. After major drama with her (now ex) boyfriend, she's happy to be spending the summer on small, mysterious Selkie Island, helping her mother sort out her late grandmother's estate.
On the lush, beautiful island, Miranda finds new friends and a community with a mystical history, presenting her with facts her logical, scientific mind can't make sense of. She also meets Leo, who challenges everything she thought she knew about boys, romance...and reality.

Is Leo hiding something? Or is he something that she never could have imagined?

Review: A great summer read! This was my first Aimee Friedman read and I really enjoyed it! Miranda was a great protagonist and I loved reading about her. It has a lot of mystery and such a cute romance.

I did think that Miranda was a different character. I liked that she has such a scientific mind but sometimes her actions were very….childish, I guess? But then again, she is 16 years old, only a year older than me, and she does have a lot going on in her life.

The other characters were nice to read about but they were very cliché and stereotypical and I did thinks some of them were really annoying but that didn’t really change the outcome of the story. And Leo, oh Leo. He was the perfect, mysterious, summer boy crush. I loved him and I would have loved to learn more about him. Then again, I think not knowing so much about him made him more appealing.

The ending was a bit iffy for me and I would have loved something else to happen but I did like the fact that the ending left a lot of possibilities. Might there be a sequel?

Grade:4.png Four Stars image by Adaleelee I really liked it.

Cover:A+, I loved this cover! So mysterious and alluring, the models for Leo and Miranda are perfect for them!

Overall: A great, quick summer read!

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