Saturday, September 18, 2010

Review: Lost for Words by Alice Kuipers

My New Year's resolution: I'm moving on from everything that's happened. I'm not going to talk about it, think about it, let the memory pounce upon me like a waiting tiger, nothing.

All Sophie wants to do is forget. But it's not easy now that everything's changed. The house feels too big, school drags on for too long, lights are too bright, the room spins, and her hands get sweaty for no reason. And she can't remember why she was ever best friends with Abigail, who is obsessed with parties and boys. Only the new girl, Rosa-Leigh, with her prose poems and utter confidence, might understand. But talking to her seems impossible.

Lost in memories of the life she once had, Sophie retreats into herself. But there's only so long she can keep everything bottled up inside before she explodes. Maybe by confronting the tragedy of her past she'll figure out how to fix her future.

Review: As soon as I closed this book, I began to think about all that had happened in this book. Lost for Words is told in journal entries written by Sophie because her therapist thinks its best. Sophie is having a hard time getting over what had happened and she needs to let it all out.

The beginning of this book is very interesting. We are thrust into Sophie’s world and her life. She’s sad and depressed about something that had happened yet we don’t find out what it is. This makes us want to read on and on to find out the truth.

Sophie was a great protagonist. She had the voice of any teenager going through anything major in their lives. She’s got crushes, friend problems and issues with her mother. But she’s also got something inside of her, something very deep. It seems to be eating her away and she keeps feeling pain. It just won’t stop no matter what she tries to do! As Sophie tries to cope with her loss, she finds out things about herself that she never knew before. In no time, Sophie is questioning everything in her life. Is this real? Are they real? Are we really friends? Now, everything is changing and she doesn’t know how to handle it. Her mother won’t speak to her about anything and she seems to no longer know her friends. Rosa-Leigh, though, steps in and helps Sophie find herself. She faces her fears and begins to open up to people; something Sophie never thought she would do.

This book a rollercoaster of emotions, all bottled up inside a young girl who’s lost in her own world, trying to find her way out. Sophie’s story is realistic and heart-wrenching. Alice Kuipers wrote a fantastic fist novel. She keeps her reader guessing at as to what happened to Sophie and when we find out, believe me, it’s a surprise.

The plot is well written, most of the characters are as developed as we need them to be. Something’s I wished were different but that’s about all. Though this was a short book, it carries a large load of emotions.

Grade: A+, I'm not sure what it is, but I really love this cover. Maybe it's the position of the girl and the look on her face and her eyes!

Cover:4.png Four Stars image by Adaleelee I really liked it.

Overall: A great read; emotional and heart wrenching, you're going to feel her pain and sorrow but also all of her happiness. A must read.

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