Sunday, October 31, 2010

The New Look and NaNo

Yes, I changed the look again. I decided on not changing it to something that has to do with Thanksgiving in honor of November. I will change my blog look for Christmas and The New Year. 

NaNo is about to begin here in the Eastern US in about and hour and a half. I'm freaking out. I'm serious. I was sooo excited but now that the time has come, I'm freaking out. I only have to write 1667 words tonight to be on track and I'm sure I can BUT...I AM FREAKING OUT! I've got theses jitters in my stomach that refuse to go down!

Oh, and maybe you all can go and visit my other blog, Musings Of A Wannabe Author and tell me what you think of the layout? I made the layout and the header! Well, I got the background online but there color coordination and and links and all that other stuff was all done by me! I found the flower post divider and I decided to use it! I really, really love how well it all turned out!

What do you think? Like this layout? Don't like it? Hate it! Tell me!


  1. Very cute. :) I start NaNo on the 3rd, 4 pm (+10 GMT time, of course). Good luck!

  2. I LOVE the new layout!

    I'm participating in NaNo this year too :)