Saturday, October 09, 2010

Read-A-Thon Hour 15--18: Update

Still working on Firelight! I've been busy cheering people on because it's just so much fun! I've got all night to read so yeah! 

Look in a book and what do you see?
Anything that you ever wanted be
Just pages away.
Look in a book and what do you see?
A new world full of magic and wonder,
New discoveries around every corner.
Look in a book and what do you see?
Wizards and witches and ghosts alike,
Waiting for you to cast your spell.
Look in a book and what do you see?
All those endless possibilities!
For Midnight Book Girl's Challenge:  
Ban A Book: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare 

The Clockwork Angel has a lot of murder, violence, torture, crime and foul language. It expresses the need to use magic for basically everything. There are many descriptive passages of fighting and torture and murder. There are also many references to demons and other creatures from Hell which suggest to young children that they exist in real life. There is also sexual content in this book. 
For I Just Want to Sit here and Read Challange:
Pitch Your Book: Firelight by Sophie Jordan 
I'm reading Firelight by Sophie Jordan. My pitch: A draki who can breathe fire, the rarest, now lives among humans and Hunters. Jacinda wants to go back to the life she came from but she knows it is no longer safe there. But isn't falling in love with your enemy, someone who kills people like you, wrong and deadly? But Jacinda can’t help herself being attracted to Will. So what is a teenage girl to do when she must keep herself and her family safe yet she falls for the one person who could mean her end? Hey, no one said being a teenage draki would be easy! Read Firelight and find out how Jacinda deals with her issues! 

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  1. Everytime you close a book
    a writer somewhere starts to weep
    So give that story one more look
    You've got all of Sunday to get some sleep!