Saturday, October 09, 2010

Read-A-Thon Hour 5: Update

Yikes! Already hour 5?! Where has the time gone? Ok, so obviously, I'm confused. If it's almost one o'clock here than I'm in my 5 hour as well, right? 

Cheer Leading Update: I left a comment for all the blogs who had a Read-A-Thon post!
Reading Update: Started Firelight! 

Here's my Read-A-Thon books as part of Show Me The Books Mini Challenge

This is a 100 words or less story for Tell Me A Story Mini Challenge

She tilted her head to get a closer look at the tall creature. She couldn’t see it very well since it was so dark out. Suddenly, it jerked in her direction. She stifled her scream and tried to stay as quiet and motionless as possible. It jerked again and she realized that this was how it moved. She breathed in and at that very moment, the creature veered towards her. Now it was facing her and she got a full view of its face.
She gasped. The creature didn’t have a face but it knew that she was there.

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  1. Freaky story! Great job!!!

    Keep up the wonderful wonderful wonderful readathonning. You can do it!!! ♥