Thursday, November 18, 2010

Harry Potter and Me

I remember being six and my family was hosting a party. My dad’s friend was there and he was telling my parents about a movie called Harry Potter. I didn’t know what it was, but it sounded very cool. I was six and anything that had to do with magic was cool to me.

When we got the first movie, I remember that it was well past 10 at night and I was sitting on the couch watching it with my mom…And I LOVED IT! There were giants and wands and owls and a HUGE castle and moving staircases. It was like the best playground (area thing) for a six year old.

When the snippets of Voldemort showed up, I was scared out of my mind. The unicorn blood sucking scene and the centaur and all that? Yeah, scary. AND AT THE END, when Quirrell takes off his turban AND THERE’S A SCRREPY LOOKING FACE ON IT WITH A SCARY VOICE? I buried my face into the blanket since I was so effing scared.

But that was 9 years ago. 9 YEARS AGO! Since then, Harry Potter has been with me. I read all of the books when I could and quite honestly, I don’t think I ever read as much as I did before Harry Potter came into my life.

I got lost in the wonderful, magical world that J.K. Rowling so craftily created. I was blown away by the magic, the world, the people, and the creatures. I never in my life loved fictional characters as much as I loved the characters in these books.

I grew up with Harry Potter. I was intrigued by the beginning of the Philosopher’s Stone; I hated that Tom Riddle meddled with Ginny’s mind; I hated Sirius Black until I knew he was the good guy; I rooted for Harry through the tournament; I WAS SO SAD WHEN SIRIUS DIED; I cried when Dumbledore died (actually, I made myself believe that it was a dream and therefore, not true); and I LOVED THE ENDING TO THIS PHENONMENON!

With each book and movie, we all counted down until THE EPIC BATTLE. We all knew it was coming; admit it, you knew it too. I also think that everyone knew about all the events that were going to happen in between. In each and every book, Rowling introduced a new aspect of the magic world that fit so well into the story. It made it move on; we got more details and better pictures in our heads. But we also got many surprises and shocks. The deaths and who got together and all the other things.

For all of us Harry Potter fans out there, I think Harry and Ron and Hermione and all the other characters, the world, the creatures, they’ve affected us in some way or form.

And now, after 10 years…the end is almost here. The final movie (part 1) comes out in 54 minutes (from the time I post this; this is based on Eastern US Time) and we are so close to the end.

I think on July 15, 2011…I will cry more than I probably ever have in any of the movies or will the be end. 

What about you? How has Harry Potter affected you?

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  1. it affected me BEYOND words. I'm with you on all crying-my-hearts-out on the second part of the movie. that's all where the heavy stuffs are laid. But honestly I was on tears already at the first 5 mins of the film. I'm such a cry baby. lol.