Sunday, December 12, 2010

Review: The Body at the Tower (The Agency #2) by Y.S. Lee

Title: The Body at the Tower (The Agency #2)
Author: Y.S. Lee
Release Date: December 2010
Publisher: Candlewick
Overall:5.png Five Stars image by Adaleelee
This is another colourful, action-packed Victorian detective novel about the exploits of agent Mary Quinn. At a young age, Mary Quinn is rescued from the gallows and taken to Miss Scrimshaw's Academy for Girls. The school turns out to be a front for a private detective agency. At age 17, Mary takes on her first case (A Spy in the House). In this, the second book of the series, Mary Quinn sets out to uncover the truth behind a suspicious death at St. Stephen's Tower, better known as the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament. The accident occurred after hours in a highly public part of town and despite the presence of night watchmen. Mary, disguised as Mark Quinn, becomes a builder's assistant to find out the truth about the body at the tower.

Review: I love this series. After I finished the first book, A Spy in the House, I was super excited to get the second book, The Body at the Tower. I was expecting a lot from book two and Y.S. Lee delivered. She continues to write an excellent historical fiction series which has everything I want: historical facts, romance, adventure, danger, and of course, mystery.

The plot for this book was thought out and well researched. There were many surprises and twists and turns that made me want to keep reading. The pace for this novel was everywhere but it worked well with the setting, the dialogue, and the characters.

In this book, Mary is forced to confront her fears. She had lived for a long time as a boy and when she was taken to the girl’s school, she left it all behind. Just like in book 1, Mary is just as strong, independent, and fierce.

My favorite part of book 1 was James Easton. When he left, I was so sad. I began wondering if he was going to come back…and he did. What an entrance, he made, too. He was just as quirky, and loving and awesome as before. I was happy when James’ and Mary’s relationship progressed.

Another great installment to an already awesome series, The Body at the Tower was just as good, maybe eeven better, than book 1. If you haven't read this book yet, I'm not sure what you're waiting for!

Cover: 5.png Five Stars image by Adaleelee

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  1. I just finished this one, and I loved the way this case brought back feelings from her childhood,and the way the author melded those together. I have a crush on James, but he does need to reevaluate his ideas about things if their relationship will ever work. I can't wait until the next one!