Sunday, January 02, 2011

My Resolutions for 2011

I usually don't follow these through, but I guess I should have them anyways.
My Resolutions:
1. Be More Social:
When I bean blogging, I was pretty social. I made blogging friends and friends at school. I’ve become shyer over the months and I need to change that. And I need to begin commenting on the blogs I follow. I used to comment all the time, but I’d gotten off course.
2. Have More Fun
Blogging is not my job. Even though I don’t have a job (but hope to get one soon), blogging is NOT A JOB! So, I need to get back into having more fun with blogging. I hate it when I get super frustrated about a guest post or interview or review is not posted on time. This should not be the case at all.
3. Be More Organized
I’m usually really organized but sometimes, I get off course. Like with this blog. I don’t like keeping the same layout for too long (I know this is kinda sad, but oh well), but I tend to have things all over the place. I need to stop that. Not only that, but I need to get back to scheduling my posts, reviews and discussion posts and more.
4. Read More
I read 101 books this year. THIS IS SUPER SAD. Besides the fact that I'd had a busy semester (next semester is going to be worse), I had a lot going on in my life. This, though, should not stop me from reading all the books that I want to read. So, I need to read more books!
5. Write Better (More) Reviews 
Not only was my reading bad, so was my reviewing. First, I need to have a good reviewing template and I need to know exactly what I want to share with you all in my reviews. Things like author, publisher, release date, and other stuff. Another thing? Write reviews after I read the book. I tend to wait a week before I write a review (unless you're Mockingjay and I still have not written a review for you....), but sometimes I wait TOO long and I forget what I want to mention in my posts! Sad, I know! 

So, those are my resolutions! What are yours?


  1. Hey! Fab resolutions!

    I think you saw my *blog* resolutions on my blog. As for personal it's just to *try* to eat healthier! I do a pretty good job but we get burnt out around here with the same thing all the time. So I've really started to get creative with my booking. Lol. SOMETIMES it works, sometimes it doesn't!

    Have a fab week!

    I'm going to grab your button and put it on my blog!

  2. Great resolutions! I am working on commenting more. I read a lot of blogs but don't comment as often as I wish. I'm aiming to be more sociable in the blogging community too. Good luck on all your goals and next semester!