Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why I Love Sarah Dessen

I owe my friend Sydney for introducing me to Sarah Dessen. She was my “book fairy.” She’d bring me more books to read as soon as I finished one book. I read Meg Cabot’s 1-800-Where-Are-You series and when I returned it to her, she handed me Dreamland by Sarah Dessen. It was a book I’d seen her reading earlier and I’d told her it sounded interesting.

I began that book when I was bored and didn’t feel like doing any homework. This was in the seventh grade and I loved to read back then just as much as I do now. I began the book, something I wasn’t expecting, and I finished it that night. After reading it, though, I thought about the book. I thought about Caitlin and Rogerson and all the other characters mentioned in this book.

Before Sarah Dessen, I read Harry Potter and books with mystery (Nancy Drew!) but never contemporary. I didn’t even know what contemporary was! I told Sydney this but she said that I would like it. if I didn’t, I could blame her but she wanted me to give it a chance. So I did. And I fell in love.

Dreamland actually scared me. I mean, come on, I was in the seventh grade and what happened with Caitlin was something I didn’t want to think about. I was very innocent and I didn’t like to think about the bad things in life. Reading that book changed that for me. I couldn’t connect with the situation that Caitlin was in but I could connect with other characters and their feelings and that made it real for me. It brought to light the bad things that can happen to people and how we have to face them.

So, the next day, I returned Dreamland. But the next day, Sydney brought me all of Sarah’s other’s books that had been published by then. I read and loved every one of them. I loved Sarah’s writing and her characters and her setting and just everything! Sarah’s novel’s made me feel. They made me stay up at night and think about what happens in life.

I'm not telling you that you have to got read Sarah Dessen. You don't but I HIGHLY recommend that you do. She's a fantastic author who's works shine.



  1. I first read Sarah Dessen's books for a class in grad school. I started with Just Listen (which is still my favorite) and then read Lock and Key and all the others I could get my hands on. The only older book I haven't read yet is Dreamland. It sounds so very different from her other books. I did just read Stay by Deb Caletti and I liked it so maybe I will enjoy Dreamland too. For now, I am waiting on my copy of What Happened to Goodbye to arrive at the library.

    I am glad you are a fan of Sarah Dessen too. She is one of my favorite YA authors.

  2. I absolutely love Sarah Dessen. I think my first Sarah Dessen book was Along For The Ride. I absolutely fell in love with it, then read this Lullaby, then Dreamland...then all of it, lol.

    Great post. I'm so glad you're as big of a SD fan as I am! :)