Saturday, June 11, 2011

YASaves and that WSJ Article

This article has set the blogging word a buzz. This article deals with HOW DARK YA FICTION IS. I'm not gonna say much about it. There's not much I can say except that fact that I'm a teenager, I read YA, and I think its the best thing out there.

Fiction is too dark. BULL CRAP. I think the author lives in a little, isolated bubble where nothing comes in or goes out. Who is this person to say that YA books talk about the dark things in life: abuse, sex, rape, drinking, smoking, suicide, and everything else. This author talks about how all these things are mentioned in YA. But why?????WHY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT THE BOOKS?

I suggest that this author walk out into the world. GET OUT OF YOUR LITTLE BUBBLE OF A WORLD AND COME INTO THE REAL ONE. I think this person will be surprised at what they see. And what will they see??? A world were abuse, sex, rape, drinking, smoking, suicide, and everything else IS REAL. IT'S REAL. Our world is full of all of these bad, dark things. Kids at school get hurt. They get into fights and I've heard some get shot. Teens are having loads of sex. Where do you think we get all these pregnant teens from? You tell your kids to not read YA books because they're dark and have bad influences on your kids? Then tell me why you let them watch a show like Teen Moms?**I just want to add that I am using Teen Mom as an example and nothing else. I am not here to offend anyone.**

And the whole Now vs. Then thing? First, the world's changed from when the author was a teen. People think more openly about themselves. It's a changing time. Technology makes getting things faster and easier. That contributes to all the things that are available for teens.

I give author's (and others, like Oprah who had a full audience of men on one of her shows who were sexually abused when they were kids...what do you say about that?) a lot of credit for opening my eyes to the real world. I'm going to admit this: I didn't know a lot of things about the reality of life until I began reading YA. For one thing, I'm Indian and living in America. I used to get bullied at school and it hurt; it really hurt because people made it a bad thing about being different. I began reading books to take away all the hurt and anger and that's when I realized that being different was okay. Now, I'm more confident than I've ever been. I stand up for myself and I don't let anyone treat me any differently. YA books, all the dark and scary ones, helped me grow up. So please, for a lot of teens' sake, don't bash them out. 

Oh, and that parent who walks to the YA section and see nothing BUT DARK BOOKS: ARE YOU BLIND???? Can you not see the happy, nice, bright books that there are? What about the fantasy books? I loved how Nicole of WORD for Teen used this quote in her post. It made me think and I realized that, I too could live with this quote:
"Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one remembers to turn on the light."
-- Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
Can I just say thanks to Nicole for brining up that quote. Seriously. Read it, and then re-read it. It's SO TRUE. In the toughest of times (in the darkest) we can always find something good.

I also want to shine light on one of the most recent events of the world: The death of Osama bin Laden. For the death of a human being (he was an evil one, I know, but still, he's human) people were celebrating. How many wars have we teens seen in the past years? How many cases of suicides? Especially the suicides where many of the homosexual kids were committing suicide because they weren't accepted for who they were?

Laurie Halse Anderson, you are made of awesome. People have talked crap about her books for so long I can't even count. Read this post by Nicole who says that Laurie's Wintergirls saved her friends life. What I love about Laurie is that she's pretty much fearless. She talks about all the crap that's going on in the world, especially the world of teens. She talks about rape and not eating and cutting oneself. Laurie brings out the reality of our world is some of the most amazing books out there. Don't you ever tell me not to read her. And if you censor her book, I'm gonna go out there, buy her book, and stick it in your face.

Ellen Hopkins is another author who is censored. She talks about teens who do drugs, because OMG teens do drugs. I know teens in MIDDLE SCHOOL who do drugs. Just because I read books where drugs are there DOES NOT MEAN THAT I'M GOING TO GO OUT AND TRY IT. I've never seen drugs. 

Just because it happens in a book, it doesn't mean it’s gonna happen to your child in real life. I think parents should worry about whether they taught their child the difference between right and wrong.

I'm not saying that parents shouldn't look at what their kids are reading, I'm just saying don't dictate what they're reading. And please don't tell me that YA is TOO DARK. Reality is dark and YA just brings out these realities that we humans don't want to think about. 
So please, don't dis YA just because you don't understand it. 

The people that YA is for? We understand it. We love it. 

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