Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Books For Kids Charity

Farrah and Britney of I Eat Words are two very awesome women! Not only are they amazing book bloggers but they are also involved in a charity (THAT THEY STARTED!) that I think it super awesome!

Why Books for Kids? (from I Eat Words)
Many hospitals, like Phoenix Children's Hospital and Scottish Rite Children's Hospital (in Dallas, TX) strictly run off of brand new book donations from book donators. It's hard for these hospitals to keep an abundant supply of brand new, up and coming and inspirational books. This is where YOUR donations come in. 100% of the money you donate goes to buying books for these sick children. They have to be brand new because the hospitals do not want to expose children to used material. Books for Kids accepts brand new book donations or money donations in our PayPal account. The best part? We film the entire process, right up to donating to these hospitals so you can really see where your donation is helping.
Doesn't that sound awesome!? I don't know what my childhood would have been like without books and the thought of giving a book to a sick child and get them to smile and be excited about reading, well, I'm all for that! Don't we want to, as book bloggers and other wise, to get people to read? Here's what YOU can do:
We're asking ALL bloggers, authors, publishers, etc. to film a 30 second or less video of themselves saying a one-liner about Books for Kids, like "I support Books for Kids" (or something WAY more creative than that). These clips will be combined into a giant promotional awareness video for Books for Kids! In your clip, it will also have your name and blog site (or name and book title, if you're an author!) so people know who's supporting BFK. :)

This is a reminder post! We're asking everyone to please film a clip and get it in before December 1st. If you don't feel comfortable on film but want to be in the video, email me at with your name, website, and one-sentence line of why you support BFK and I'll add it in!

If you're a part of nerdfighteria, this charity is going to be a part of John and Hank Green's Project for Awesome, which launches in December!
ALL you have to do is send in a sentence saying something as simple as "I support Books for Kids!" OR you can even send them a brand new book! I think since Thanksgiving in tomorrow, it would be really nice to share something we all love with kids who need it: BOOKS!