Sunday, November 06, 2011

I'm Thankful For...

I am thankful for the Nancy Drew Series. I was really young when I first came across a Nancy Drew book and when I asked my teacher about it, she told me it was about a young girl who solved mysteries. I was about ten and I couldn’t believe it! A young girl who solved mysteries? I just had to check it out. I began reading it that day and I absolutely loved it!

From then on, I fell in love with mysteries. And before that, I only read young contemporary, like Judy Bloom and Beverly Cleary books. I didn’t read anything outside of those kinds of books. After my first Nancy Drew book, I read more and more of her books until I had read all the books there was in my teacher’s room. From then on, I wasn’t worried about not liking a new type of book. I read The Magic Tree House books and The Giver books and so many more books after that.

That is why I am thankful for Nancy Drew books. After reading one of her books, I fell in love with mysteries and I wasn’t afraid to try a new genre of book ever again. I give those books lots and lots of credit, especially for teaching me that when you take a chance and go out of your comfort zone, you might actually find something quiet amazing. Thanks to Nancy Drew books, I found all these other great genres to read!

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  1. I just love Nancy Drew....those books helped me fall in love with books...they are classics...especially if you like a good ole' mystery! thanks for sharing! Hope you have had a great weekend!