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Just Contemporary: Why Ariel Loves Contemporary YA

Just Contemporary
I’m part of the Just Contemporary month! Hosted by Ashley of Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing and Shanyn of Chick Loves Lit! Here's what they say about this (from Shanyn's blog!):
:This is going to happen in the month of NOVEMBER. The full month of November will be nothing but Contemporary YA on both mine and Shanyn’s blogs. Our author spotlights, interviews, book reviews, guest posts, discussion topics, Waiting on Wednesday’s etc will all be completely devoted to Contemporary YA.
Today I’ve got Ariel Wilson from The Librarian's Bookshelf here to talk to us about why she loves YA contemporary books!

I have always been a huge fantasy fan. For the longest time, I had never read a contemporary novel of any kind. I simply enjoyed those novels that took me to faraway places that only existed between the pages of that book. Yes, the would never be real, but I could dream, right?

When I finally read my first contemporary novel, I loved it. It was at a time where I was being burnt out from the number of fantasies I was reading, and it was a breath of fresh air. It wasn’t anything the required my imagination, but that’s why I loved it! It didn’t require too much extra thinking, because I knew that this was a story that really could happen.

I understand the people who find contemporaries boring because they don’t require that bit of imagination. However, I find that reading the occasional contemporary keeps my love of fantasy strong. Along with that, it’s nice to read about a life that could be happening alongside of my own, instead of always reading one that could only happen in another world.

Use this month as a chance to try a contemporary! There are many out there with amazing stories, and chances are you’ll find one that will spark your love for contemporaries.

You can check out Ariel's blog to see my responce!

Join in the fun HERE (Ashley's blog ) or HERE (Shanyn's blog)!I'll be reading ONLY contemporary books in the month of November!

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