Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday {19}

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish!
This week: 

Top Ten Authors I'd Love To Have At My Thanksgiving Feast:

1) J. K. Rowling: Guys, seriously, do you have to ask? But of course, I won't really be able to talk to her because...she's J.K. Rowling!

2) Maureen Johnson: Her blog and tweets are fun to read and she seems to be a funny person!

3) John Green: I love his vlogs (and Hank! He should bring Hank too!) and I think he and Maureen Johnson together would be really awesome (not to mention entertaining and hilarious!)

4) Jane Austen: First, there was no time limit on this! And again, do I need to explain?

5) Sarah Dessen: The Queen of YA Contemporary!

6) Meg Cabot: Dude, I LOVE her writing and speaking to her would be super awesome!

7) Suzanne Collins: No explanation needed, right?

8) Lauren Oliver: One of my all time fave authors ever!

9) Rick Riordan: I ALMOST met him in person! He makes mythology SO MUCH FUN and I'd love to pick at his brain, asking him a zillion questions about his books and stuff.

10) Stephanie Meyer: I was a little surprised that I inluded her here but then I realized that Twilight, no matter how I feel about it now, was a big part of my young teenage years. I would love to have her at my table and to discuss the books with her.


  1. I'd love to have dinner with someone historic like Jane Austen. She would be so interesting to talk to!

  2. Great list! Ask Stephenie if she is ever going to finish Midnight Sun. Here is my list http://wp.me/pzUn5-Gk

  3. I keep finding lists with John Green! It's amazing! I have him on mine too, he's just too funny and I love quoting his books! Suzanne Collins and Sarah Dessen are on my list as well! Sounds like a great party!

  4. I agree with so much of your list! go check out mine at My Pathway to Books