Monday, December 19, 2011

Discussion: The Goodreads Ratings Thing

I’ve been debating on whether or not I should post about this or not. It’s been something that has really, really been bugging me and I’ve finally decided to post it.

This is all about the ratings on Goodreads. Now, before I say anything else, I love Goodreads. I really, really love it! I can find the newest books on there and its awesome to have it all in one place.

The thing about ratings that bugging me would be the fact that you can rate books that have not even come out. Actually, you can rate a book that doesn’t even have a cover or description on it. THAT is what is so iffy about it. I think its rude to the author when people rate their book a 2 or something when the book doesn’t even have a cover or a description or isn’t even out. I just don’t get how people rate the book? So here’s my break down:

1) Covers: I’m a cover judge, yes, but that’s not the only thing I go by. Some covers are so awesome that I pick the book up for that reason alone. Other times, the cover isn’t so awesome but I like something else about the story. So if you don’t like the cover, maybe the book might be good. When a book hasn’t even come out, don’t judge it!

2) Authors: There are some authors whose books haven’t been my favorite and just because they have a new book coming out, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to rate the book a 1 or a 2 or something. I’ll put it on my "To Read" pile. AFTER I read the book, then I'll give it a rating!

3) Descriptions: Okay, this one is a little weird. I'll say that if you don't like the description of the book, just leave it alone. Maybe the author might change your mind? I have read a few books who's descriptions didn't sound really good but the books were pretty awesome. Sometimes, the descriptions don't do the book any justice.

What do all of you think about this? Am I the only one who feels bad for authors and the books?


  1. I totally agree. I had one malicious psychopath out there who would give me one-star ratings on everything - even my books that weren't published yet. GoodReads were extremely thorough though and removed (almost) all of the ratings since they found out they all originated from the same IP address and that it was obvious their only intent was to bring my overall ratings down.

    However, they did note that usually people are free to rate the books however they want - even if the book hasn't been published yet, even if there isn't a cover - because they feel some users "rate" the books with one star as a way of "adding" it. I think that's bogus. As you said, you should select the "add to" option...not rate it. It hurts the authors and can give the wrong impression to potential readers.

  2. You're absolutely right but in the end, you have to keep in mind author doesn't get money out of goodreads, whether some one rated their book 1 or 5 stars, it will only hurt personally. It's nothing illegal. Some people get ARC and give them 5 stars to just keep on getting those ARC's, isn't that worse? Way I see it, we definitely don't live in utopia and if somebody wants to rate a book badly by summary or cover that's THEIR thing and authors should know when they get published, we're entitled to our opinion after all. Sure, if I'm an author myself I would DEFINITELY be hurt but let's get real... if somebody wants to trash a book or an author (or in general, if somebody wants to be hateful) they would find away to do it and that's life for you and what can we do? Everybody preaches free opinion in evertyhing don't we? how is this any different? sure it's sad and hurtful but to every good thing, there is a bad thing. Don't forget I'm on your side, I hate it when people do it but *shrugs* that's life.

    Racquel @ The Book Barbies
    -thank you&come again.