Monday, January 02, 2012

2012 Goals/Resolutions

**This was supposed to have gone up on the 1st BUT then I reazlied that I had changed something about it and it had been saved as a draft.**

Bookish Goals:
  • Read at least 100 books: I've been reading at least 100 books in 2010 and 2011 and this year I hope to read 150 BUT I'll be just as happy with 100!
  • Read 3 books a week: This includes weekends so I think I can mange this!
  • Read older books/ Read book for me:Books from 2009 and later, including classics, and books from my library. I'm not a blogger who usually only posts about the newest books. I really want to highlight the older books as well!
  • Read all of my review books: Basically, tackle that huge TBR pile.
  • Read at least 2 hours EVERY SINGLE DAY: I think I can mange this. If I don't read 2 hours every day, I'll take what ever time I didn't read and add it to the next day. I'm sure it'll all be made up during the weekends though.
Blogging Goals: 
  • Comment on more blogs: At least 5 every day.
  • Post at least 3-4 times a week: I was rather good about this last year and I hope to be even better this year!
  • Take some time off of blogging: Sometimes, I just need to relax or have a reading day.
  • Don’t feel guilty about negative reviews or late reviews: I'm usually good with not feeling guilty about negative reviews since I explain why I didn't like the book. I'm sooo behind on my reviews and I always feel guilty when life takes its toll on me.
  • Become more social: I'm really shy in real life and that come over into the blogosphere as well. I hope to change that. So, I'm gonna comment and I might randomly talk to you on Twitter. I promise, I'm nice! 
Personal/ Life Goals: 
  • Get healthy: I need to spend more time exercising and getting active. 
  • Write in my journal: I’ve tried this every single year and I failed. I’ve begun a new journal and I’m hoping to write it every single day.
  • Participate in NaNo 2012: I failed this year, breaking my 2 year streak so I hope to begin this again. I love this event and I really want to challange myself. 
  • Finish my WIP: No matter what, by December 31, 2012, I will have a finished manuscript. Maybe two (see above).
  • Be happy: I've had way too many sad/bad days. I'm usually in a very good mood and I want to keep it up!
  • Stay out of drama (real/blogging): I'm super good at staying out of drama in the blogging world (I usually find out about drama when someone rants in a post) but I can get involved in school drama and I want to stop!
SO! There is my rather long list. I'll be referring back to this list often to make sure I'm on track and stuff!

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  1. Those are some fantastic goals. I hope you achieve them all.