Thursday, January 12, 2012

Discussion: The Over Hyped Books These Days

It seems to me that every new book these days is the Next Harry Potter or the Next Hunger Games. Or, some books are either The Best Book Ever or The Worst Book Ever. Which brings me to the point of this post: most of the Best Books Ever are Over Hyped. I can name two books of the past year (and continuing this year) that were hugely loved and talked about....but I just never got into them.

One of them is a dystopian book I began reading, didn't get into it but decided to read it another time. The other, a paranormal of sorts, I could care less if I tried to read it again.

For starters, I didn't like the charters very much in the paranormal one. They were so cliched and stereotyped that I stopped reading the book before I got 100 pages in.Teens in this generation are not like the teens depreciated in the book! From the bad-boy-who-has-a-heart to the overachiever, really annoying brother, I just about had it with the book. The saddest part? The author's writing was freaking amazing and I had wished that it had been enough to make me continue reading it.

It's not just one book either at is this case. Plenty of books get lots of hype but don't live up to it. Some books, like a Stephanie Perkins book or a John Green book deserve the hype. Yeah, not everyone is going to love them but for me, they deliver.

My biggest problem is when authors get a teens life wrong. Sure some teens might be able to connect with the character, but if she's 14, don't make her act like she's 17 or vise versa. I know what a 17 year old girl is like because I am one and I'm NOT saying that I know what all 17 year old girls are like but I have a pretty good idea. I want to connect with the main character. I want her to be someone I would hang out with.

I want the characters to be realistic.

No more stereotyping. As much as I love the bad boy, I want to see the smart, awkward good boy (Cricket Bell anyone?). I don't want a girl to make mistakes and just because she fixes what she did wrong to be justified as a well developed character from the beginning to the end. I want her to grow and change and become a better person.

The worst part about this is when the book disappoints you. In both of these hyped books, I had the impression that they we're as good as they sounded. I wanted them to be but....alas, they were not and this was such a sad thing.

I will admit that after boom blogging and writing reviews for such a long time now (...well, it's only been 2 years, but still) I am much more critical of the books I read. I know what I like to see and what I don't like to see in the books and that has, to put it bluntly, saved a lot of my free time.

All that said, I hope you realize that this is my opinion. I mean to offend no one at all; I'm just putting my thoughts out there. If you disagree, or even agree, tell me in the comments. Is there something else you don't like about hyped up books?

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  1. I agree! I'm tired of cliche, overused characters. :( Great post!