Monday, March 26, 2012

Movie Review: The Hunger Games

**Spoilers from the book!**
I have waited for so long to watch this movie that I was practically jumping up and down in the line for pop corn and I tried to calm my nerves until the first scenes of the movie began. Guys, I loved this movie. Yes, I had some issues with it, so here are my thoughts, broken down into What I Liked and What I Didn't Like:

What I Liked
*Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss: This girl was Katniss, no doubt about it in my mind! She was able to pull of all the emotions and action scenes and in my eyes, there was no one better suited for this role!

*Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark: He's was really great in this role, even though he took some time getting used to (more on that later!) but really, Josh was Peeta! And their scenes together? Oh, heck to the yes!

*I felt that Katniss didn't have much of the affection and chemistry that Peeta did and I think that was mostly due to the fact that in my opinion (and I seem to agree with other bloggers), the producers were Team Gale. BUT in all fairness, I did re-read the book before going to see the movie and I realize that there wasn't much about chemistry and stuff in the book also SO I guess it's okay that their kiss (I wanted more!) was a little awkward...but not much!

*Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman: Can I just say that I LOVED him beyond anything. He was perfect for this role and honesty, there isn't much I can say about him. I just freaking loved him!

*There was a lot more behind the scenes about the games in the movie that wasn't in the book and I really liked that. It made it easier to understand how the Games work and it made it more entertaining.

*Amandla Stenberg as Rue (and the scene): I think you all know what scene I am referring to and yes, I did put it under things I liked BECAUSE they did it so well! I cried (and I wasn't the only one!) and it was all just how I had imagined it.

*An exciting addition was the fact that it showed the other districts rebelling and it was an awesome addition!

*Woody Harrelson as Haymitch: For the scenes he was in, he was awesome. He could play the drunk man really well but he never did say the whole "look at her! she can win the Games" about Katniss, which I would have liked!

*Elizabeth Banks as Effie: Perfection! Her make up was creepy and her clothes were awesome and the whole "And may the odds be ever in your favor" was just...I loved her!

What I Didn't Like
*Liam Hemsworth as Gale: Okay, he was hot, I'll admit it BUT his scenes with Katniss had more chemistry and while, yes, I liked it, I felt that it should have gone with Peeta instead. Acting wise, for as long as Liam was in the movie, he did a good job.

*Lenny Kravitz as Cinna: I was skeptical yes but I was willing to give him a chance...and I didn't really like him. I think there could have been more done to make the character more...Cinna, if that makes any seance!

*The pin story: I know, I know! It's a small thing! They had to change it! Madge wasn't important BUT I mean, there was significant to Madge giving her the pin. Someone she didn't expect gave her [Katniss] a gift and it showed how much people cared about Katniss. Do I understand why they did it? Of course, I get it! But it's just one of those little things that bugs you no matter what.

*The dogs with the eyes of the tributes, trying the faze the live tributes? Missing. First, the dogs looked nothing like what I had imagined them to look and further more, there was nothing in them about the eyes! No attention! Nothing! WHY?