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Review: Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler

Title: Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict 
Series: Jane Austen Addict #1
Author: Laurie Viera Rogers 
Release Date: August 7, 2007 
Publisher: Dutton Adult 
Source: Library
In this Jane Austen inspired comedy, love story, and exploration of identity and destiny, a modern LA girl wakes up as an Englishwoman in Austen's time.

After nursing a broken engagement with Jane Austen novels and Absolut, Courtney Stone wakes up and finds herself not in her Los Angeles bedroom or even in her own body, but inside the bedchamber of a woman in Regency England. Who but an Austen addict like herself could concoct such a fantasy?

Not only is Courtney stuck in another woman's life, she is forced to pretend she actually is that woman; and despite knowing nothing about her, she manages to fool even the most astute observer. But not even her love of Jane Austen has prepared Courtney for the chamber pots and filthy coaching inns of nineteenth-century England, let alone the realities of being a single woman who must fend off suffocating chaperones, condomless seducers, and marriages of convenience. Enter the enigmatic Mr. Edgeworth, who fills Courtney's borrowed brain with confusing memories that are clearly not her own.

Try as she might to control her mind and find a way home, Courtney cannot deny that she is becoming this other woman and being this other woman is not without its advantages: Especially in a looking-glass Austen world. Especially with a suitor who may not turn out to be a familiar species of philanderer after all.
I love all things Jane Austen so I was excited to read this book. I'm sure after Pride & Prejudice, a lot of readers would have loved to live in the world of Lizzie and Darcy (I would LOVE to meet Darcy...only if he looks like Matthew MacFarryden though) and I've always been intrigued by that time period. This was somewhat of a P&P re-telling...during the time period of P&P, so it was kind of a time traveling story as well.

There were similarities to P&P, our protagonist Courtney's favorite Austen novel and mine as well. And guys, the mother is just as annoying and infuriating as in P&P; she made me want to come into the novel and slap her hard across the face. As for Courtney aka Jane, I liked her but she did get annoying at times but I guess it came with the shock of time traveling to such a different place. Plus, she didn't know if she would get back to her time AND there was a hot guy in her new life who was totally in love with can a girl pass that up?

Gah, the reality of the world of 1815 England was GROSS, like *shuddering* GROSS. I think this is a to time to mention that I'm squeamish person at first and it takes a while for me to get over it. That said, Courtney got the reality of medicine and hygiene during that time which wasn't very advanced. For instance, there was such a thing as public baths (with clothes on!) where all sorts of people got in, even if they've got a cold or infection or a seriously hurt leg. Yeah, GROSS.

Overall, it was a nice read. Nothing really overly exceptional but there haven't been a lot of time traveling with an Austen book involved so that was a nice twist. There is another book, this one on Jane's life in the 21st Century, and I hope to read that one too!
Cover Comments: 
It's nice. Pure and simple, the lady on the cover fits a lady from that century!
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