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Review: The Traitor In The Tunnel (The Agency #3) by Y.S. Lee

Title: The Traitor in the Tunnel 
Series: The Agency #3
Author: Y.S. Lee 
Release Date: February 28, 2012 
Publisher: Candlewick Press 
Source: NetGalley via Publisher 
Get steeped in suspense, romance, and high Victorian intrigue as Mary goes undercover at Buckingham Palace - and learns a startling secret at the Tower of London.

Queen Victoria has a little problem: there's a petty thief at work in Buckingham Palace. Charged with discretion, the Agency puts quickwitted Mary Quinn on the case, where she must pose as a domestic while fending off the attentions of a feckless Prince of Wales. But when the prince witnesses the murder of one of his friends in an opium den, the potential for scandal looms large. And Mary faces an even more unsettling possibility: the accused killer, a Chinese sailor imprisoned in the Tower of London, shares a name with her long-lost father. Meanwhile, engineer James Easton, Mary's onetime paramour, is at work shoring up the sewers beneath the palace, where an unexpected tunnel seems to be very much in use. Can Mary and James trust each other (and put their simmering feelings aside) long enough to solve the mystery and protect the Royal Family? Hoist on your waders for Mary's most personal case yet, where the stakes couldn't be higher - and she has everything to lose.
I absolutely love historical fiction. I'm a huge fan of all things Victorian, Elizabethan, Regency etc. England. After reading the first book in this series, I fell in love. Not only with that fact that it was a mystery but the fact that it's set in 1850s England and features a strong, independent, woman, which wasn't common during that time. While The Traitor in the Tunnel was a great book, it wasn't my favorite out of the series so far.

The plot itself was relatively good but I did have issues with it. There was a lot going on all at the same time and that really took away from me enjoying the book as much as I could have. I think what got me was that because there was so much going on, we weren't able to get a lot of information and background. Sure you can't really do that anyways but you want to have at least a good grasp of the issue; I just wanted more, ya know? The London setting and the important historical figures were well done and I loved seeing London through Mary's eyes.

I was more than happy of course, to see James again but he seemed a little off in this book. I'm not sure what it was but it seemed much more spontaneous and his actions didn't really match the James from the earlier books. While he and Mary were as cute as ever, their relationship didn’t seem to go anywhere, sadly.

Y.S. Lee’s research shined through this novel once again and I was so happy to be back in Victorian Era England. Her writing was wonderful and was able to carry this book, without many issues. While I did feel that so things weren’t as great as they could have been (see above paragraphs), The Traitor in the Tunnel was a good addition to The Agency series though not my favorite.
Cover Comments: 
Love it! The model and the theme has stayed true to all of these books and I couldn't be more happier

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