Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday {29}

 is a weekly feature hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish!

Top Ten All Time Favorite Characters In Books:
1) Rose from Vampire Academy: Can I just say she's like the most kick ass character I know? She's totally fierce and loyal and snarky and I just love reading the books from her point of view. She is vulnerable at times which only makes her more real.

2) Hermione Granger from Harry Potter Series: She's so awesome! She's smart and she's proud of it, not scared to let anyone know of her brains. She's a loyal friend and is always there for Ron and Harry. I used to get made fun of for being smart and I used to hate it...but then Hermione came along and showed me that being SMART=COOL! 

3) Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett from Pride & Prejudice: WHO IN THE WORLD DOESN'T WANT A MR. DARCY with all his smoldering looks and smiles? And Lizzie was WAY ahead of her time and she was independent, and spunky, and so freaking loyal to her friends and family!   

4) Fred and George Weasley from Harry Potter Series: When you really need to laugh in-between all that is going on in the books, these guys are the ones you turn to. Besides being plain awesome, they TORTURE Umbridge (whom I LOATHE) which gets them brownie points! And plus, THEY'RE AWESOME. 

5) Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games: She loves her family so much and is willing to do anything for them and her relationship with Prim is just...Not to mention her boldness to not confide to what her society deems to be acceptable. I love badass females leads and she's just AWESOME.

6) Sirius Black from Harry Potter Series: First of all, Gary Oldman is awesome and then there's Sirius Black. Y'all he's awesome...just...awesome. He's brave and loyal and funny and fiercely protective and loving and I just cried my eyes out when he died.

7) Katsa from Graceling by Kristin Cashore: She's badass and funny but vulnerable too. She's like a real person...who can fight like a ninja.

8) Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter Series: SHE'S SO REAL in such a weird and quirky way which makes her HER. She's a gifted witch and she's smart and she won't let anyone tell her to change. Throughout this ENTIRE series that she was in for, she's remained HERSELF. And honestly, what could be better?

9) Cinna from The Hunger Games: While I didn't care for him much in the movie, he's so awesome in the books. He came up with the freakin' awesome costumes but he's a nice and caring guy. He looks out for Katniss and is there when she needs him. Plus, he confide with society (Snow) either!

10) Harry Potter from the Harry Potter Series: He's Harry effing Potter. Sure he's a little arrogant but y'all, DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IS HANGING ON HIS SHOULDERS? Like, the fate of the ENTIRE world was on his shoulders. Mind you, that's A LOT to handle and I personally think he handled it amiably.



  1. I like your list and I love Luna as well.

  2. Ooh interesting choices - yay for Rose & Katniss :-)