Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Classics Update #1

Yes, yes I know that I just posted about this on Saturday and I already have an update for you guys. Well, if you remember from my list, Pride and Prejudice was on the list. I’ve read this novel numerous times and in my opinion, you can’t have a classics challenge without this novel on this list. I decided to go easy on myself and begin with this novel.

Every time I’ve read this novel, my respect for Lizzie grows. For the time period in which she lives, she’s so ahead of her times and the more I read this novel, the more it becomes apparent to me. I love, love Mr. Darcy all the more too. He clearly isn’t used to a woman like Lizzie and while reading this novel, I’ve realized that he doesn’t know how to handle her character.

I’ve also noticed that he also pushes her buttons. Sure they have arguments and all, but they’re educated and the banter is funny. It’s obvious that both are educated and know what they’re talking about. Plus, there’s that air of respect. Both are put off by the other but they acknowledge the other as equals, which is awesome. For instance, the first time Lizzie and Darcy meet is at that ball. If you remember, Bingley tries to get Darcy to dance with Lizzie but Darcy says that Lizzie isn’t handsome enough to tempt. In the book, you see (well, read) that Darcy knows Lizzie is listening (he even looks at her briefly) when he replies.

For my re-reading, I got to the part where Lizzie meets Georgiana Darcy for the first time.

Up-next: Lord of the Flies
Why: I need to read it for school actually. It's another re-read since I read it in the 6th grade and I didn't like it at all (I hated it to be honest) but I'm going to give it another try.

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