Monday, May 14, 2012

My Love For The Vampire Diaries Explained

It's one of the few topics I haven't talked about on this blog and it's mainly because it's not about books. I'll start out by saying that I read The Vampire Diaries by L.J. smith and I hated it. Really, it didn't like it at all. My review for the book wasn't my best written work but I think it brings the point out. I have nothing against the author (I really liked The Secret Circle and a few other works that I read) but TVD wasn't for me. I decided to give the TV show a chance but I wasn't impressed with the first few episodes of the show. But as it progressed, I feel in love with it and I have to this day, watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of this show.

I love Damon/Ian the show and it's characters and vampires and werewolves and all that jazz. This past Thursday marked the season 3 finale and OMG it was AMAZING. So many twists and turns and emotions from all over the place.

First of all, the writers of this show are beelping fantastic. They are always able to bring some sort of twist or character introduction to make the show fresh and new. Often times, when a single show has HUGE cast, it becomes boring and I lose interest in many of the characters. Somehow, the writers made these characters...unforgettable. For instance, I still remember John (Elena's biological father) and Jenna (Elena and Jeremy's aunt) and I still want Jenna to (though impossible) come back! They also write interesting villains, namely Klaus. While he should be a guy I hate and I do, I can't help but love him too.

Secondly, the actors bring out their characters to perfection. For instance, Caroline was a girl I didn't like very much. She was the preppy, happy, nothing-ever-bad-happens-I'm-the-gorgous type of girl. But after being turned into a vampire and having to change so much, she matured. It was after her change that I loved Caroline BECAUSE while Caroline was more mature, she was still the fun, living, loyal Caroline. Season three took this girl and ripped her to shreds (remember her emotional time with her father, when he wanted to die?), she STILL managed to be happy and keep a smile on her face. Candace does a great job of brining out all sides of Caroline, both the good and the bad. Tyler, Matt, Jeremy, Bonnie, and Alaric are also all great, each of them with their own faults and redeeming qualities. Also, I totally want her and Kalus to get together.

Jeremy has also become one of my favorites because of his transformation. Remember in season 1, how he was the typical cynical-I-don't-care-about-anything teen boy? He was mean and rude and didn't like talking to anyone. But as things went on, new dangers arose, love came his way, Jeremy changed. He's such a loving brother now and so protective of his older sister. In the last episode, when he realizes that if Alaric is dead, so is Elena made me so sad because his face instantly changed. Poor guy's lost a lot of family (Elena has too, for that matter) and Steven has a way of brining out all sides of Jeremy too. One day, I'm furious with him; the next, I want to give him a huge hug. Thirdly, the love triangle. In my opinion, there was WAY too many love triangles put there today but the love triangle with Elena-Stefan-Damon of my favorites. I'm a full fledged Team Damon girl but I have to admit, there are reasons why Elena could easily and rightfully go with Stefan. Believe me when I say that it's hard for me to admit that. Do I think Elena can be annoying? Hell yeah. Do I wish I was her? Er, yes. Do I want her to choose Damon? 1000000X yes! But I think she's got a tough choice. She loves both guys and each does something for her that...the other, obviously, doesn't. This makes it even harder for her to choose. After her whole "If we had me first" thing to Damon, after she "chose" Stefan, we learn that she had indeed met Damon that puts an even bigger spin on it all.

My one and ONLY issue with this show is that it seems that EVERY SINGLE GUY IS IN SOME WHAT INFATUATED WITH ELENA. From Damon and Stefan, to Klaus and Elijah, and Matt too, having something for Elena. Even though Damon and the other vamps had a thing for Katharine first, she's pretty much out of the picture now, which leaves wonderful Elena. My heart goes out to Matt especially. Poor guy STILL has something for her and it's painfully obvious that she's not going to end up with him. I just want to go and shake him and tell him TO MOVE ON. I wish he wouldn't waste his time on Elena. Honestly, yeah, Matt would have been the best choice for Elena BUT NOW THAT SHE IS A VAMPIRE SHE CAN BE WITH DAMON WHOEVER SHE CHOOSES FOREVER and there's a good guess that it won't be Matt.

But yes. I am huge fangirl of Damon The Vampire Diaries and I shall be until Elena finally chooses Damon the show ends. If you haven't watched the show, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!


  1. It seems like I need to give TVD another shot. I read the books a looong time ago, so I was super excited when the previews for the show started coming out. But I watched the first episode and was...completely unimpressed. But it's posts like these that make me want to try again. Who knows, maybe I'll get addicted! :P
    - Lauren

    1. I was like that too. Didn't like the first few episodes but really, they get so much better. By the third season, all the actors are great and the plot line is pretty epic too!