Friday, June 22, 2012

What’s True in a REAL Teen’s Life: Cliques and BFFs

DISCLAMIER: This is not the reality for ALL teens. There are just MY observations and MY opinions.

Lately, I’ve been a bit…tired of reading. Not tired of a certain genre, like paranormal or dystopian, but of YA in general. After thinking about it for some time, I decided to try and figure out why this was. Why was I tired of reading the books I loved reading a few weeks ago? With my most recent book (a paranormal—actually, the last few of my read books have been paranormals), I found that my main complaint was that the book was full of clichés. Like, roll-my-eyes, o-m-g-I-can’t-belive-this-author-put-so-many-cliches-in-one-book. SO, I decided to write a list of clichés that authors wrote.

And here are the realities (for ME anyways) when it comes to these clichés:

Of course I just had to put them here! 
Cliques: I can see you guys rolling you eyes. It’s okay. I get it. It was actually one of the most surprising clichés on my list that are actually, to some point, true. Yeah, you read that right. Cliques DO exist. Maybe not the in the “mean girl rules the whole school with the equally popular jock” but there are cliques. At my school, most of the kids have gone to school together literally since pre-school, so they know each other. And among them, there are the smart kids. They’re the ones who are the valedictorians and A-plus students. At my school, I can see a group of guys and girls all wearing designer clothes who are rich. But some of them are smart too. Many of them are top of their class. Does that make any sense? For another example (and this is TRUE), there are these kids who always hang out who do drugs. I know some of them in the group and many have told me that they do drugs. Maybe not in your school, but in my school, there are kids who hang out together and we say that they’re like a “clique.”

Honestly, there are those girls who are always taking about guys and dating and yes, they do make fun of other kids and then there are the kids who wear all black and can be called “emo”(funny thing is, they themselves make fun of that). Cliques have a very, very bad rep in YA books and as I’ve thought about it, I’m saddened by it. I think that people don’t realize that cliques (as I mentioned) can be a close group of friends. What many would associate as “cliques” is actually a bad definition. Like at my school, many of them have gone to school together since kindergarten so yes, they would be part of a group. They aren’t mean (well, most of them) but can you really, honestly get mad at them? Look in the blogosphere itself and you’ll see it. Many bloggers have close friends and many could call them a “clique” but is it really bad that you have a group of friends you’re really good friends with or really close to? In conclusion, “cliques” have gotten a bed rep in YA books and I wish this would change. Some people are part of a “clique” simply because they’ve been friends with each other for a long time and they hang out a lot together.

Best friends: from my own personal experience, NOT ALL BFFs are bad. BEALIVE ME. No matter what you read about it books, they aren’t always that bad. My bestie is someone who has seen me laugh like a crazy person but she’s also seen me loose my cool. But the thing is, she’s there for me and I’m there for her. We’re open with each other. For example, there was a guy she liked and I’d been around him and I was worried about it. So I told her my opinion of the guy AND SHE DID NOT LOSSE HER COOL. She accepted it. She’s got a mind of her own and that’s why she was oaky with it. I’m her best friend and I’m supposed to tell her these things, right? Because, I mean, that’s what friends do! Harmony of Harmony’s Radiant Reads actually wrote a great post about the good/bad best friends. My point is: not all bffs are crappy. Sure some cause problems or use people, but there are true bffs out there. I just wish we saw more of them in YA.

They exist guys! Good friends are hard to find but once you find the keepers, there's no turning back. We can also associate this with "cliques." In a group of girls, some would call them a "clique" and say that they're mean and rude and flaunt their money for all to see. Sure, they might do this. But if one of them got into some drama with someone else? All of the girls would stand behind their friend. They would protect each other from anything. And who's to say that they themselves don't have issues? Everyone has issues but as good friends, they are able to see past it.

Best friends accept you no matter what.In a plutonic way, best friends can be the "opposites attract" sort of thing. So we need more good bffs, with their good times and their bad times!

Turns out, I had a LOT to say so I've broken these down to like 2 or 3 cliches per post!

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  1. hi Kailia!
     Ohmygoodness, I completely understand how you feel. All the best friends are like, popular, better and just mean in these YA novels and I've gotten really tired of YA in general as well. I might start reviewing adult books that are suitable for bored YA readers :) Awesome post!


  2. Thanks Kirthi! It's just some of the things that have really gotten under my skin!