Wednesday, July 25, 2012

MG Review: Cold Cereal by Adam Rex

Cold Cereal by Adam Rex
Release Date: February 7, 2012 
Publisher: Balzar+Bray 
Source: Publisher 
Cold Cereal Facts Serving size: 1 chapter
Number of servings: 40
Primary human characters: 3 (Scottish Play Doe, aka Scott possible changeling, Erno Utz genius, Emily Utz supergenius)
Magical creatures: at least 3 {Mick Leprechaun (or Clurichaun); Harvey Pooka (rabbit-man); Biggs indeterminate origin (hairy, large)}
Evil organizations: 1
Goodco Cereal Company, Purveyor of breakfast foods aspiring to world domination
Adventure: 75%
Diabolical Schemes: 40%
Danger: 57%
Legend: 20%
Magic: 68%
Humor: 93%
Puzzles: 35%
Mystery: 49%
Not a significant source of vampires.
May contain nuts.
Daily values based on individual interest. Reader's estimation of value may be higher or lower, depending on your tolerance for this sort of thing.
Cold Cereal is a funny, interesting, and normal book if you consider meeting a unicorn, a unicat, a 2-foot leprechaun in a red tracksuit, and a rabbit headed man normal! This book is simple and humorous but it has a sense of maturity to it. In this book the main characters include Scottish Play Doe aka Scott, his friends Erno and Emily Utz, and their suspiciously hairy housekeeper, Biggs. Scott, as the main character, is very interesting and I like him because though he may get scared easily he always has an adventure.

Erno and Emily are sister and brother and there characters are mostly relying on brain and smartness because their foster father Augustus Wilson (Mr. Wilson) always challenges them with puzzles and word games. Both the characters are very fond of each other except Erno is sometimes jealous of Emily because she always solves the puzzles first but tries hard not to show it and that’s what I like about Erno. That he always shows a good attitude. Emily is the smartest out of all of them and is very nice and I like that she is smart but she’s very different because see has ‘magic powers’ when she shows emotion which is, no offense, kind of weird. Now Biggs is extremely different because of his size, his amount of hair, and his apparent resemblance to Bigfoot. I especially like how Mr. Rex has a separate world and a human world and how they collide to pull this book together. This is a book worth reading and has a good sense of adventure and fantasy and normal in every word except the word “ clurichaun”.

I really liked this book and I read it in 2 days! It was different and I wasn’t expecting everything that I got from it but it was a nice surprise. I liked the characters because they were different and weird but awesome too.

This review was written by my 11 year old brother who will now occasionally be reviewing on this site!