Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paperbacks, Hardbacks, and Cover Changes Oh My!

My name is Kailia Sage and I hate it when publishers change the ENTIRE look of a series or trilogy with new paperbacks to match hardbacks.

(Also, can someone please explain why they do this? I mean, seriously? Can't you try and get it right the firs time? And if you did get it right the first time, WHY CHANGE IT?!)

My most recent heartbreak came from this:
Now, I do like the new covers a lot. BUT when I look at the first two covers? Hell, I hate them. Yeah, you heard me: I hate them. The one thing I just loved about the first covers was how original they were. They're eye catching and beautiful. The news one? Not so much. Personally, I know I wouldn't have picked up these books based on the covers. 

Yes, the written word is what matters, I know that! BUT, I want to have a nice cover too. My other issues is the fact that I own both Across the Universe and A Millions Suns in hardback. I don't want to have to go back and buy these books again so that my covers match, which to me is important.  

They're trying to reach a bigger demographic, I get it, but I mean, really? 

And what makes me seethe beyond words is when a publisher decides to change the covers of a hard back to a new one for the paperback and then they match the hardback for the newest novel. Example: 
First impression of new cover: SO PRETTY. I LOVE IT. LOOK AT THE STEM THINGYS! PRETTY! 
Now, I wasn't impressed with Shatter Me's first cover at first but then they decide to change the ENTIRE trilogies cover. Now, for me to get matching covers, I'll have to get one paperback copy of Shatter Me and then hardbacks of the other two books. THIS DOES NOT MAKE ME HAPPY. When I have all hardbacks, I want them all to be hardbacks. If they're all paperback, I want all the books to be paperback. I like covers that match but I also want the format to match! 

And then I saw the cover for book 2: Unravel Me:
First impression of new cover: Awww, why does it look like Shatter Me but just made brighter?! They should have changed it a little more to make it fit together but not so similar. 
Decent. Not bad. It's not amazing and nothing new (I mean, the new cover for Shatter Me looks very much like it) but I do like it a lot. But of course, this book will be in HARDBACK and doesn't math the hardback cover for Shatter Me AT ALL.

Maybe the publishers will offer jackets for hardback books like they did when they changed the covers for Delirium and Wolfsbane series. That way, people can have hardback covers for the entire trilogy that will match. 

My biggest issue with cover changes for books like Across the Universe is that when they change, the majority of them look like everything else. In this post, Shatter Me's newest cover is the exception. I like the new covers; they're much more original than it's first cover but then the format makes me angry. 

I remember when this happened: 
I was SO, SO unhappy with this decision. Look at the original cover for Nightshade! I have a hardback for it and let me tell you: IT'S GORGEOUS! The best part? It's SO EFFING ORIGINAL LOOKING. I wasn't happy with the new look and I'm still not but I did get a jacket for my hardback of the book; that way, all of my hardback will match. But again, why this change? Why change something so beautiful and original to something so generic?  

What do you guys think? Did I miss any hardback to paperback cover changes? Am I the only one who feels this way?

Taschima of Bloody Bookaholic actually talked about this earlier and I wasn't palling on making my own post UNTIL I saw the new covers for Beth Revis' books. 

All images from google. No plagiarism intended. 

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