Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Traveling in YA: Paris!

One of the things I love most about reading is the fact that I can visit all sorts of places from my room by just reading a book. Not only real places, but fictional ones too! So, I was inspired by Top Ten Tuesdays: Most Vivid Worlds/Settings to share my favorite places I've wanted to visit because of books! So, Traveling in YA was born!**

So, where to first?

How about the magical, City of Light:
Now, as a member of the FFA (Future French Leaders of America; without the L of course!), a name coined by my ever so smart French 3 Honors classmates a few years back, I've always wanted to visit Paris! I did get a chance last summer but I couldn't go due to some family reasons. I have gone to the Paris Airport when I was on a connecting flight but that doesn't count of course! I'd love to see all the beautiful places in Paris: 
Notre Dame!
Arc de Triomphe
Luxembourg Garden
Le Louvre
Of course, there are lots of great places to go for good food and you can watch all types of movies! Be prepared to walk though since a lot of people walk in France in general. And yes, many do smoke! OH and French people do like to wear dark clothing!

Plus, Paris is a very fashionable city, no? Every time I think of Paris, I think of all the latest fashions that are in. Not only that but I also think of vintage clothing and pretty much all types of fashion!

After reading both of these awesome books, who didn't want to go to Paris? I mean, really, y'all? 
While both ladies give us: HOT FRENCH BOYS (even though one is American with a British accent), they also make Paris into a character itself! Paris is so charming and wonderful! 

So, DO YOU WANT TO GO TO PARIS? Have you read both of these books? 
*Better button to come!
**Yeah, worst title, I KNOW! Will see if I can come up with something better!
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