Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Thank You for Write On Con

Some of you may or may not know that I am a writer. I have been writing seriously since the fourth grade (when I realized that what I wrote was something I wanted out in the world) and it has been a passion of mine since then. I've always loved getting advice from published authors, agents, editors, or basically anyone!

I'm hoping many of you know about Write On Con, the awesome FREE conference wonderful authors, agents, editors, and others began last year. While I wasn't able to participate a lot last year, I did read the posts and watch the videos. I was extremely excited when I heard that it was coming back this year.

I never paid any attention to it last year, but today, as I was looking through the posts, I finally realized how big this conference really is. So many people take time out of their busy lives to write posts, make videos, live chats, read and critique work. And they do this all for FREE. I asked myself how many times I complained that I had too much to do. These people, THEY have so much to do too yet they take time out and help writers like ME become better at our craft.

I love how committed they are to writing and YA and MG and well, books and reading! So, I wanted to publicly thank them for everything. I've found their posts (from last year and so far this year) very helpful.