Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Last First Day

Today marked The Last First Day of School for me.

You're probably wondering "But you're going to college next year!" (and for those who weren't,I will be going) so how is this your last first day? Well, college is college. It's a whole different ball game. It', ya know? High school is...well, high school and I have officially begun my senior year.

This year, much more than last, will be a tough year. Not only will I have to handle school work, I will also be getting a job (hopefully...) and college applications also begin this fall (YAY! *NOT*). Even more so, I have to re-take the SAT and the ACT (OH JOY!) in hopes of getting a better score than the last time I took both.

As you can tell, I will have to figure out how to spend all of my time. While I will not stop blogging, I will not be around as much. I'm going to take a few hours every weekend to write, format, and schedule posts for the next week. I will continue to read and make it my goal to read for 1 hour every night. I'm not sure how fast I will read but I will read at least 1 diverse book every week and maybe 2 or three more (books for school are going to count, I've decided.)

So here are a few things that will happen around the blog this school year:
  • I'm going to start re-capping Elementary, Arrow, and Beauty and The Beast on the blog come September and October! Yeah, yeah, I know! MORE COMMITMENT! Yes, it's going to be hard but I've found that doing fun posts like re-caps make it so that I don't get burned out. Sometimes I need to just post about fun stuff! 
  • BookTuber Thursday will be back! 
  • Traveling in YA, The Diversifiy YA Challenge, and Old is Gold will become more regular on the blog. I just have to figure out the best timing for each! 
  • At least 2-3 book reviews weekly!
  • I will make it my goal to comment on 10 BLOGS EVERYDAY! I'm so bad at this and I really want to show my blogger love! Plus, this way, my Google Reader will always be empty! 
  • More author interviews! I love asking them questions and reading their answers!